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Greek Food: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Make Classic Greek Tzatziki Sauce
Cool and creamy this tangy cucumber dip flavored with garlic is the perfect compliment to grilled meat and vegetables. Serve with plenty of pita triangles for dipping.
Amazing Recipe for Classic Greek Moussaka with...
A classic Greek Moussaka recipe made by layering eggplant with a spiced meat filling and topping it off with a delicious creamy bechamel sauce which is baked to golden perfection.
Spinach Pie with Feta - Spanakopita
A delicious phyllo pie made with spinach and feta cheese, Spanakopita is a classic Greek favorite that will work as an appetizer, side dish or even a light lunch or dinner.
Greek Orthodox Easter: Food and Traditions
Easter is the most important religious observance of the Greek Orthodox faith, and both before and after the Resurrection, traditions include food. Learn more about the foods and traditions of Greek Easter.
How To Dye Red Eggs with Onion Skins for Greek...
Dyed red eggs are a tradition at Greek Easter, symbolizing the blood of Christ (red color) and rebirth and new life (egg). Learn how to dye red eggs using yellow onion skins to achieve a deep red color.
Greek Easter Bread - Tsoureki
A sweet egg bread that is the traditional bread of Greek Easter. With or without the festive red egg this is a sweet and delicious treat that will be the centerpiece of any holiday table.
20 Classic Greek Favorites
These are the iconic Greek dishes that Greek food enthusiasts know and love. A great way to sample a variety of the fabulous flavors of traditional Greek cooking.
Pastitsio - Baked Pasta with Meat and Bechamel...
Pastitsio consists of luscious layers of seasoned ground beef, pasta, and a creamy bechamel sauce baked to perfection. This is Greek comfort food at its finest.
How To Make Your Own Confectioner's Sugar...
Whether you run out, or just need a cup or two, making confectioner's sugar is a simple matter in the blender.
Greek Easter Recipes and Menu
Easter Sunday is a joyous celebration that brings together family, friends, and strangers around tables of fabulous food. Take some ideas from my menu and add your own touches to create a festive meal.
Koulourakia - Greek Butter Cookies with Sesame
The name for Koulourakia comes from their round twisted shape but you will also see them shaped as small braids or in the shape of the letter “S.” Kids will love helping you shape these traditional Greek cookies.
Oven Roasted Potatoes - Patates sto Fourno
These Greek potatoes are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The oven-roasted, Greek-style dish is the perfect side to practically any meal.
Greek Orthodox Great Lent Food & Traditions
The Great Lent in the Greek Orthodox faith starts seven weeks before Easter Sunday and is a period of fasting during which certain foods are not eaten. Learn more about religious and food traditions during the Great Lent.
What Did the Ancient Greeks Eat?
Ancient Greek foods were similar to the foods we know today, except that the variety was limited. Learn about ancient Greek foods.
Chicken Soup Avgolemono - Greek Egg-Lemon...
Chicken Soup Avgolemono is perhaps the most iconic of all Greek soups. It’s on the menu at every Greek restaurant or diner and you’ll find it as the first course at most Greek holiday celebrations.
Custard Pie with Phyllo Recipe - Galaktoboureko
Impossible to resist, this custard pie called Galaktoboureko is one of the all-time favorite Greek desserts. A creamy custard filling is baked in flaky phyllo dough and then bathed in a delicious syrup.
Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice and Herbs -...
Tender grape leaves are used to wrap little parcels stuffed with rice, pine nuts, and fresh herbs. A great vegetarian appetizer, these can be served cold or at room temperature.
Homemade Phyllo Dough
Phyllo dough is easy to make, and the difference in taste when using it to make sweet and savory pies (pitas) is worth learning how.
Cure Your Own Olives
Greek olives are known the world over for their variety, flavors, and colors. Learn about the methods of home curing.
Saganaki: Pan-Seared Greek Cheese
In Greek: σαγανάκι (pronounced sah-ghah-NAH-kee) Saganaki dishes take their name from the pan in which
25 Classic Greek Recipes
From simple grilled foods and vegetable dishes to rich layered casseroles and delicate pastries, Greek food is a wonderful mix of dishes that appeal to all tastes. The traditions of healthy country cooking have been expanded over the centuries, and today, Greece is famous for a diverse range of family meals, holiday foods, and elaborate presentation dishes.
Yiaourti: Greek Recipe for Homemade Yogurt
This recipe is for full fat sheep or cow's milk yogurt made the traditional way, without a yogurt maker. It's a very simple recipe with two ingredients.
Souvlaki Recipe - Recipe for Grilled Pork...
Souvlaki is part of the Greek experience. By far the most popular “fast” food in Greece, they are relatively inexpensive and are a quick and satisfying lunch or dinner. This recipe brings the flavors of Greece to your home.
Kotopoulo Skorthato: Lemon Garlic Chicken (with...
Chicken and potatoes baked with lemon, garlic, and oregano. This is an easy recipe that produces fabulous results every time.
Dolmathakia me Kima: Stuffed Grape Leaves with...
There are many variations on recipes for dolmathakia (small dolmades), but this is one of my favorites using dill and mint. It calls for ground beef and rice, and can be served with a sauce or without.
Roast Leg of Lamb with Oven Roasted Potatoes -...
A traditional Greek favorite at holidays and celebrations, Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes is sure to please a crowd.
Favorite Recipes for the Lenten Season
Greek Orthodox dietary restrictions prohibit eating foods that contain or are derived from red blooded animals, which means no meat, no fish, no dairy products. But that doesn't mean that foods are bland or tasteless. These favorite Greek Lenten and fasting dishes are delicious.
Taramosalata (Taramasalata)- Carp Roe Spread
Tarama is a type of caviar that is used to make this tasty spread called Taramosalata. The salty roe is lightened up with bread and olive oil and a hint of lemon juice to make a classic Greek appetizer.
Baklava - Classic Phyllo Pastry with Walnuts...
Baklava is an all-time favorite Greek pastry that comes in many different varieties. This recipe includes walnuts and almonds and is guaranteed to please lovers of the Greek dessert.
Spanakorizo: Traditional Spinach & Rice
A traditional recipe with few ingredients, this is easy to make and a great example of the remarkable results achieved with the right balance of tastes and textures.
Phyllo Cheese Triangles - Tiropites
Delicious packets of crisp phyllo pastry wrapped around a savory cheese filling. Enjoy these Greek Phyllo Cheese Triangles at your next gathering.
Greek Ouzo Anyone?
Greek Ouzo - All About Greek Ouzo's Origin, Taste, Serving Suggestions,and Culture
Greek Orthodox Calendar of Holidays & Fasts
Here's an easy to follow calendar of holidays and fast days. There are four main fasting periods, and individual fast days, in the Greek Orthodox faith, and while food is allowed, it is restricted.
Skorthalia (Skordalia): Greek Garlic Dip and...
There are several variations of skorthalia (also spelled skordalia), some regional and some due to taste and ingredients preferences, but they all produce a pureed dip that goes wonderfully with fried cod, burgers, greens, and beets ... and some even enjoy it as a dip with bread.
Melomakarona - Honey Cookies with Walnuts
Though the name is hard to pronounce, Melomakarona (meh-loh-mah-KAH-roh-nah) are delicious and not very hard to make. Also known as Finikia (fee-NEE-kya), these are traditionally enjoyed during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday, but you can certainly enjoy them year round.
Greek Recipes for Easter Lamb (or Kid)
Try one of these fabulous Greek recipes for lamb (and kid) to mark your Easter, Passover, or other spring celebration.
What is the Game Played with Red Eggs at Greek...
Tsougrisma is a game played in Greek homes around the world at Easter. It's all about cracked eggs. Learn more.
Keftethes - Recipe for Greek Meatballs
Savory Greek meatballs called keftethes can be served as an appetizer or as a main course. Instead of frying, these are baked to make them a little bit healthier.
Homemade Greek Gyro Sandwich or Dinner
Make Greek gyro at home without an upright rotisserie grill. This homemade version of pork gyro includes most of the elements that make professionally-made Greek gyros so fabulous.
Htapothi sti Skhara - Flame-Grilled Octopus
Octopus grilled over an open flame is a Greek classic, and a favorite meze to serve with ouzo and wine.
Hummus with Tahini
This dip is a delicious appetizer and a favorite with regional differences in this part of the world. It's quick to make, no cooking involved, and it's vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. Chickpeas and tahini are combined with olive oil, lemon juices, spices and herbs.
Horiatiki Salata: Greek Salad
This Greek salad is a true classic. It relies heavily on the ripest and most aromatic tomatoes and has become popular the world over and staple in almost any Greek restaurant.
Mayiritsa: Traditional Greek Easter Soup
Traditionally fixed once a year as the meal to break the fast following the Great Lent, Mayiritsa is a soup that is served following midnight Easter services in Greek homes around the world.
Spit-Roasted Lamb - Ted Christou's Spit-Roasted...
Ted Christou is a Greek American who has been making a spit-roasted lamb every year at Easter for the past 20 years, and he shares his fabulous recipe.
Makaronia Ograten: Cheesy Baked Pasta
In Greek: μακαρόνια ογκρατέν, pronounced mah-kah-ROHN-yah oh-grah-TEN Macaroni and cheese is a favorite
Tzatziki Recipe | Greek Cucumber Yogurt Dip
Greek tzatziki is a staple within the foods of Greece. A delicious cucumber yogurt dip, it adds a cool and refreshing flavor boost to many different dishes.
Pita Bread Recipe
A favorite to serve with dips and spreads, and pita wraps (sandwiches) of all descriptions, pita bread is not difficult to make, and freezes well.
Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice and Ground Beef -...
The quintessential summer food, this recipe for stuffed tomatoes with rice and ground beef is ideal for summer entertaining. Make them the day ahead and simply reheat for serving.
A Meatless Moussaka the Whole Family Will Love
A lighter take on classic Greek fare, this Vegetarian Moussaka recipe keeps enough of the traditional flavors to satisfy Greek food fans even without the heavier ground meat sauce.
Kourabiethes - Greek Shortbread Cookies with...
Kourabiethes are delicious buttery cookies with almonds that are covered in powdered sugar. A must for any Greek celebration and very popular at weddings and especially during the holidays.
Greek Chicken - Kota Riganati
Without a doubt, this dish is one of the best-known and beloved recipes in all of Greek cooking. A delicious and easy chicken recipe with the signature flavors of olive oil, lemon, garlic, and oregano.
Basic Recipe for Greek Salad Dressing
This basic recipe for Greek salad dressing, which can be used on Maroulosalata, a salad with Romaine lettuce, spring onions and fresh dill, uses oil and vinegar and is quick and easy.
Revani - Greek Semolina Cake with Orange Syrup
A moist and flavorful semolina cake with a sweet syrup flavored with orange zest. This recipe for Revani (also spelled Ravani) is sure to please your dessert lovers.
How To Make Thick, Strained Yogurt
Use commercial or homemade yogurt to make the thick, strained yogurt used in cooking and preparing Greek recipes.
12 Fabulous Ways to Use Feta Cheese
Probably best known as the crowning touch to a Greek salad, feta cheese is wonderfully versatile and can be used in many different ways in a variety of dishes.
Favorite Greek Desserts & Cookies for the...
Treat your Holiday guests to an array of Greek desserts and pastries. What better way to sweeten your holiday celebration?
Recipes of Ancient Greece
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The foods of ancient
Pasteli: Sesame Honey Candy
In Greek: παστέλι, pronounced pah-STEH-lee The version of pasteli most commonly sold at the market is
Favorite Greek Vegetarian Recipes
Greek recipes for vegetarians were not developed or adapted from other recipes, but are a traditional part of Greek cuisine. Enjoy these favorites.
Greek Easter Soup - Mayiritsa (Magiritsa)
The traditional Greek Easter soup is called Mayiritsa (mah-yee-REE-tsah). After the midnight resurrection service, it is customary to break the Lenten fast with this rich lamb soup flavored with Avgolemono.
Halva Recipe - Greek Halvas - Semolina Pudding...
Coarse semolina is toasted in oil and then bathed in hot syrup that is flavored with cinnamon, cloves and orange peel. A simple and elegant dessert that can also be enjoyed during the Lenten season.
How to Roast a Whole Lamb on the Spit - Step by...
Ted Christou shares his recipe and technique for spit-roasting a whole lamb with photos and step-by-step instructions.
Shopping for and Storing Feta Cheese
Feta is a very popular cheese used as a table cheese, in pastries, and in cooked dishes. It adds a classic Greek taste to any meal. Let's go shopping for Greek feta and learn how to store it.
Rice Pudding Recipe - Rizogalo
Dense and creamy, this Greek rice pudding called Rizogalo (ree-ZOH-gah-loh) is more like a thick custard than a pudding. Flavored with lemon peel and vanilla, it is simply divine.
Psomi Spitiko: Easy Homemade Bread
This is an easy and relatively quick recipe for a homemade white yeast bread without a bread machine.
Convert Herb Measurements: Fresh and Dried
Rule of thumb for measurements of herbs when converting fresh to dry or vice versa.
Lenten Desserts and Sweets
You can still enjoy some excellent Greek desserts and sweets during Lenten or "fasting" periods. Here's
Fakes Soupa: Lentil Soup
Legumes are an important part of the Greek diet, and lentil soup is a perennial favorite as well as a lenten dish consumed during fasting periods in the Greek Orthodox faith.
Top 10 Quick and Easy Greek Appetizers
A selection of quick and easy appetizers and mezethes to serve to unexpected guests, or when other food plans fall through. Hot and cold dishes to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere.
How To Make Greek Frappé Coffee
This drink is so popular in Greece that many homes have soda fountain-type drink mixers in order to make it even easier. Here's how to make this version of iced coffee by hand.
Arni me Patates sto Fourno: Roast Lamb with...
Lamb and potatoes roasted together with garlic, a dash of lemon, and oregano. This dish is a great choice for Easter, a special occasion, or a family dinner. It's easy to prepare, and when combined with a selection of appetizers, salads, and sides, it truly is a Greek masterpiece.
Kataïfi: Almond & Walnut Pastry in Syrup
Kataïfi is a pastry that looks like it is wrapped in shredded wheat. It is a traditional pastry made with nuts on the inside and soaked in a sugar or honey syrup. This recipe is a rolled version, with shredded dough wrapped around an almond and walnut filling, and after cooking, the pastry is soaked in a sweet syrup.
An Introduction to Greek Food and Greek Cooking
Centuries of culinary and cultural influences have gone into making modern-day Greek foods some of the healthiest and tastiest in the world. Learn about the ingredients, history, and achievements that have brought Greek cooking into the limelight.
Green Bean Casserole with Olive Oil and...
Green beans in a savory tomato sauce flavored with olive oil and seasoned with garden fresh herbs. Enjoy this dish is a vegetarian entree or a savory side dish.
Arnaki Kleftiko: Bandit's Lamb
A variation on the original recipe which cooked in the ground for up to 24 hours, this version calls for a parchment cooking paper wrapping and moist heat cooking until the lamb is falling off the bone. Lots of garlic in this one.
Start with Fresh Grape Leaves
If you have access to grapevines – in a vineyard, on a grape arbor, or growing wild – you have a treasure trove of taste at hand! Learn how to use them fresh from the vine or store them for future use.
Horta Vrasta - Boiled Leafy Greens
A delicious and healthy side dish, horta vrasta or boiled greens are a staple in any Greek household.
Loukoumades (Loukoumathes) - Greek Honey Puffs
Loukoumades are golden puffs of fried dough that are bathed in sweet syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts.
Mahlab is ground cherry stone from a cherry tree native to West Asia. A member of the rose family, mahlab flavors Greek sweet bread (tsoureki) and similar baked goods.
How to Make Greek Coffee
Learn how to make Greek coffee in easy steps with photos. Greek coffee is brewed thick and the grounds are poured into the cup along with the coffee. These steps will help you make the perfect cup to serve with pastries and desserts, or simply with a glass of cold water.
Watermelon & Feta Salad
This is a delightful summer salad of watermelon, feta cheese, thin slices of red onion, and balsamic vinegar.
Ouzo Cocktail Recipes
Ouzo is generally served alone or with ice and water, however it is also an ingredient in several cocktails. Here are some cocktail recipes using ouzo. Page 3.
Tsoureki: Sweet Egg Bread (Simplified)
In Greek: τσουρέκι, say: tsoo-REH-kee This version of tsoureki , a sweet egg bread, is simpler than other
Fassolatha - White Bean Soup (Fassolada)
A staple of any Greek household, Fassolatha is a classic white bean soup that is hearty, nutritious, and delicious.
Toasted Pita Bread
Toasted pita bread - with nothing added but olive oil - is delicious as a bread to serve with meals, and as a scoop for dips. This is easy, quick, and has only two ingredients.
Sumac has a tart, sour lemon taste that adds a kick to stews and meats, rice and vegetables, and as a sprinkled topping on dishes like hummus.
Briam - Recipe for Roasted Vegetable Casserole...
This recipe for Briam is a delicious oven roasted vegetable dish featuring potatoes, zucchini, and tomatoes in a savory sauce.
Greek Easter Twists - Easter Koulourakia...
These buttery twists are the traditional cookie of Greek Easter. They can be twisted and shaped in many ways and often will have a bright red egg as decoration.
Skewered Lamb Kebabs: Souvlaki Arnisio
Souvlaki, chunks of meat on little skewers, are a favorite in Greece, and this version with lamb is a tasty meze to accompany spirits or pre-dinner beverages. This recipe calls for three days of marinating, and cooking on the fourth day, so plan ahead. The end result is worth it.
Lenten Chocolate Cake
A rich and moist chocolate cake recipe that tastes indulgent but still complies with the dietary restrictions of the Lenten season.
Patatosalata: Potato Salad
This potato salad has a traditional oil-lemon dressing. Delicious, easy, and quick, it brings potatoes to the table in a new way.
Walnut Cake - Karidopita
Karidopita is a moist and flavorful Greek walnut cake that is flavored with cinnamon and bathed in sweet syrup.
Melitzanosalata II: Eggplant Dip Appetizer...
This version of Melitzanosalata is perfect as an appetizer dip and accompaniment to other foods. A simple recipe with few ingredients.
Herbs and Spices Used in Greek Cooking
The best Greek cooks make wise use of herbs and spices, and experimenting with subtle changes often results in the creation of a new and wonderful variation of an old standard recipe.
Kalamarakia Tiganita: Small Fried Squid...
There's no secret to this wonderful dish - the squid is dredged in flour, fried, and served with lemon. Listed as an appetizer, it is often served as a meze or main dish as well.
Where to Buy Greek Foods and Ingredients Online
The resources listed here include comprehensive online "Greek supermarkets" as well as online sources
The Greek Alphabet
The Greek alphabet has 24 letters. Here's what they look like, how the name of the letter is pronounced, and how the letter sounds when spoken.
How Greek Gyro is Made
In Greek: γύρο, pronounced YEE-roh ( How to Make Gyro at Home ) Making gyro is a major undertaking, and
Kalitsounia Kritis: Sweet Cheese Pastries from...
These sweet cheese pastries are specialties of the Greek island of Crete, where they are either baked or fried. Unlike many other Greek pastries, this recipe calls for a rolled dough instead of thin phyllo sheets.
How To Defrost and Prepare Frozen Squid...
Frozen squid is much more readily available than fresh in many markets. Here's what you need to know about defrosting and preparing frozen squid for cooking.
Spanakorizo: Spinach & Rice with Tomato
Made with fresh or frozen spinach, this is a quick dish to fix and a delicious and healthy addition to any meal. This version includes tomatopaste.
Greek Cheeses: Essential on Every Table
Greece produces some of the finest cheeses in the world, for every type of cooking and every occasion. Learn about the cheeses of Greece and how to use them.
Horiatiko Psomi: Crusty Country Bread
This recipe for traditional Greek country bread produces a dense bread with a thick crust, perfect for sopping up the delicious sauces and dressings in Greek dishes and salads, and for dipping sauces.
Greek Mountain Tea
Greek mountain tea is credited with a wide range of health benefits, and most Greek homes have a supply on hand. Made from the medicinal Sideritis plant, Greeks believe that a cup a day has infinitely more benefits than an apple.
Yigandes Plaki: Baked Beans & Tomato Casserole
Yigandes are similar to (but bigger than) dried lima beans, and this oven-to-table casserole combines them with tomatoes, onions, herbs, and spices to create a fabulous dish. This can also be served as a side dish or (on small plates) as a meze.
Besamel: Basic Greek Bechamel
This is the basic recipe for the medium-thick white sauce used in Greek recipes for moussaka, pastitsio. Variations include thick and thin versions used in au gratin dishes, filled pies, croquettes, and other dishes.
Tsoureki with a Bread Machine
Tsoureki, the sweet bread made at Easter can also be made in a bread machine to enjoy at any time.
Melitzanes Tiganites: Batter-Fried Eggplant
The soda water in the batter is what makes these thinly sliced strips of eggplant so delightful. Quick frying in hot oil keeps the eggplant from getting oil-soaked. Enjoy as a side dish or, with other dishes, as a meze.
Lahanodolmathes Orphana: Meatless Stuffed...
Cabbage leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice and herbs can be made with the full cabbage leaf as a main course, or made into small rolls as an appetizer using pieces of the leaf. A favorite Lenten dish.
Lemon Pound Cake with Yogurt - Yiaourtopita
This lemon pound cake recipe gives us one more reason to love Greek yogurt. It really delivers a moist and creamy cake that can be dressed up or down as you see fit.
Mousakas Patates: Moussaka with Potatoes
Layers of potato slices, cheese, ground meat sauce, and a creamy bechamel topping. An oven-to-table casserole that can be made in large quantities and frozen for later use.
Spanakopita Bites - Easy Spinach and Feta...
Spanakopita Bites are mini phyllo pastry shells filled with a delicious spinach and feta cheese filling. They are easy to prepare and can be a quick and easy alternative to rolling and wrapping individual phyllo triangles.
6 Easy Greek Sweets
These traditional Greek sweet tastes are easy to make and are perfect to give as gifts or to satisfy a sweet tooth.
Bougatsa me Krema: Creamy Custard Phyllo Pastry
A favorite Greek street food and snack, this version of bougatsa has a custard filling and is sliced and served warm, sprinkled with confectioner's sugar and cinnamon.
Greek-style Baked Fish - Psari Plaki
This recipe for Greek-style Baked Fish or Psari Plaki takes ho-hum fish fillets and transforms them into a fish entrée worth writing about. Tender white fish is baked in a lemon and white wine broth and topped with a chunky sauce made from onions, celery and tomatoes.
Pasta Elias: Olive Paste Spread with Garlic...
This recipe for olive paste (tapenade) is a quick and easy blender dish, made with black or green olives and garlic. This spread is a perfect accompaniment to Ouzo and wines, and can also be used as an ingredient in cooked recipes and in sandwiches. It's a favorite served as a condiment with grilled swordfish, as well.
Meatballs in Egg-Lemon Sauce: (Youvarlakia me...
Greek Meatballs in Egg-Lemon Sauce (Avgolemono) is a cross between a soup and a stew. You will really enjoy these savory meatballs bathed in a tangy egg-lemon sauce that is just perfect for dipping bread.
Fried Salt Cod - Bakaliaros Tiganitos
A traditional dish for Palm Sunday, this tasty fish can be batter-fried or baked and is delicious with a tangy garlic dip known as Skordalia (skor-thal-YAH).
Greek-style Grilled Pork Chops - (Grilling...
Greek-style grilling is pure and simple. This marinade recipe can be used for grilling chicken or pork chops that the whole family will enjoy.
Mastiha: Gum Mastic
: In Greek: μαστίχα Mastiha starts as a semi-transparent sap from lentisk trees (actually evergreen bushes)
Fried Halloumi Cheese Meze or Appetizer in...
Halloumi is a fabulous cheese from Cyprus and a favorite in Greek cooking. A quick and easy recipe for fried halloumi.
Pantzaria Salata: Cold Beet and Garlic Salad
Greece produces a fine crop of beets and they're often paired with garlic or yogurt. This simple salad of beets and garlic can be made in under 15 minutes, if using canned beets.
Herbs Used in Greek Cooking
Add aroma, taste, and color with herbs. This list include those herbs that are most commonly used in Greek recipes, their English names, Greek alliteration and pronunciation, and the names in Greek.
Spices Used in Greek Cooking
A great range of colors and tastes to tempt the palate. From hot and biting to mild and sweet, spices listed include those native to Greece and spices from distant lands that have found a home in Greek cooking. The list includes the English name, Greek alliteration, pronunciation, and the name in Greek.
Avgolemono: Traditional Greek Egg-Lemon Sauce
This is one of the classic Greek sauces, and is traditionally added to stuffed vine leaves, stuffed cabbage, and meatballs with rice; however, it also adds a perfect touch to almost any vegetable dish.
Meat Sauce for Pasta - Makaronia me Kima
Pasta with meat sauce in Greece is called Makaronia me Kima (kee-MAH). There are many variations on this traditional recipe with each chef adding their own personal touch. This recipe for Makaronia me Kima is the one enjoyed most by our family.
Grilled Calamari - Kalamari tis Skaras
A quick and easy appetizer or light main meal, grilled calamari is best when it's grilled and served immediately. Enjoy with plenty of fresh squeezed lemon juice and a chilled glass of ouzo.
There is a separate custom of serving food in Greece called meze. Not an appetizer, and not an hors d'oeuvre, learn more about the meze (plural mezethes) and how to serve it.
How to Fold Phyllo Triangles
Phyllo Triangles - Step by Step Photo Tutorial on How to Fold Phyllo Triangles
Breaking the Fast at Greek Easter
Menu and recipes for the traditional meal eaten after the midnight Service of the Resurrection that breaks the Lenten fast at Greek Orthodox Easter.
The Art of Baklava
Baklava is made in every region of Greece (and throughout the Middle East) and, as a dish that requires some time and expense to make, it is generally reserved for special occasions. Learn more about baklava and its many variations.
Melitzanes Papoutsakia: Stuffed Eggplant Little...
In Greek: μελιτζάνες παπουτσάκια, pronounced meh-leed-ZAH-nes pah-poot-SAHK-yah Once prepared, these
Stifatho: Beef and Onion Stew
Beef, boiler onions, and a collection of fabulous herbs create a classic Greek stew.
Marmalatha Kythoni: Quince Jam
Because quinces have a high content of pectin, this jam is easy to make, with quinces, sugar, and a little lemon juice. Serve this as jam, or as a condiment with lamb and pork roasts.
Moussaka | Greek Eggplant Dish
A delicious Moussaka recipe. This classic Greek eggplant dish is sure to please the family and can be made many different ways.
Names Days in the Greek Orthodox Faith
Name days have a singular importance in the lives of members of the Greek Orthodox faith. Learn more about these celebrations and when they occur, including a monthly calendar.
Sartheles Psites: Baked Sardines with Garlic &...
Sardines are a favorite Greek fish and this easy recipe is a classic, fixed in all parts of Greece. It calls for fresh sardines, garlic, oil, lemon juice, oregano, and seasonings.
Melitzanosalata I: Eggplant Dip Appetizer with...
This dip is a classic Greek appetizer, and this variation creates a chunky texture with chopped eggplant and tomatoes mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, herbs, and spices.
Yemista me Ryzi: Aliki's Stuffed Vegetables...
This vegetarian version of stuffed tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and eggplant is so delicious, you'll never miss the meat.
Favorite Greek Finger Foods
Greeks love to sit around a table of small plates of delicious food, sharing the food and good company. Here are some appetizer and mezethes that require no utensils. Just grab and enjoy!
Greek Coconut Cake with Syrup
A delightful light coconut cake drenched in a scented syrup. The recipe calls for self-rising flour.
Tyrokafteri: Hot Pepper Cheese Dip
Make this dip as hot or mild as you like with hot green or red peppers. It's quick and easy, and adds a spicy touch to appetizers, mezethes, or a meal.
How to Stuff and Roll Grape Leaves
Stuffed grape leaves are a classic Greek dish. Follow along with these step by step directions and you will be stuffing and rolling with the pros in no time.
Pasta Salad with Greek Yogurt Dressing
A colorful and delicious pasta salad recipe featuring the unmistakable creaminess of Greek yogurt in the dressing.
Myzithra is a variation of manouri cheese, with less fat content. It comes in three varieties, fresh - soft with almost no salt, used in baking - sour, with yeast and salt added, and aged - hard and salty, and the perfect grating cheese.
Beef Stew with Orzo Pasta - Youvetsi
Youvetsi (yoo-VEH-tsee) is a traditional Greek stew that is usually made with beef or lamb. The meat is cooked in a rich tomato sauce together with orzo pasta and finished with a heap of grated Kefalotyri cheese on top. It gets its name from the distinctive covered clay dish in which it is baked.
Recipes for Greek Food Beginners
Learning to cook the foods we eat in Greece is as much about learning the way we eat (several small dishes can make a meal) as it is about the recipes. Here are my suggestions for where to start.
Name in Greek and Pronunciation: kythoni (or kydoni), κυδώνι, pronounced kee-THOH-nee Ancient Provenance:
Yiouvetsi me Kima Arnisio: Ground Lamb with...
In Greek: γιουβέτσι με κιμά αρνίσιο, say: yoo-VET-see meh kee-MAH ar-NEE-seeyoh Yiouvetsi dishes are
Saint Fanourios Cake - Recipe for Fanouropita
A delicious spiced cake baked as an offering to Saint Fanourios, (fah-NOO-ree-os) the Greek Orthodox patron saint of lost items. Flavored with cinnamon and ground clove, this tasty cake is delicious with coffee or tea.

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