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Recipes for Traditional Greek Spoon Sweets (Preserves)

Spoon sweets are made with fruit and vegetables, cooked with sugar to create a syrup. Because they are so sweet, they are served by the spoonful, hence the name. A traditional offering to guests, spoon sweets can also be used as dessert sauces and condiments.

Seasons for Making Spoon Sweets
Seasonal cooking is a basic element of Greek cooking, and spoon sweets (syrupy preserves) are no exception. Some fruits, vegetables, and nuts need to be used when immature, some when slightly underripe, and some when fully ripened. Learn the season for each.

Sweet Hospitality - Greek Spoon Sweets
Symbols of hospitality, spoon sweets are a traditional offering to guests. Similar to preserves, but more syrupy, many spoon sweets are also used as a topping for yogurt, ice cream, and fruit.

Apples in Syrup - Firikia Glyko
Small whole sweet apples in a light syrup make a delightful offering for guests. Cinnamon and cloves add just the right touch of spice.

Cherry Spoon Sweet - Kerasi Glyko tou Koutaliou
Traditional Greek spoon sweet made with fresh cherries. A delightful small sweet to offer guests. Serve with cold water.

Grape Spoon Sweet with Slivered Almonds - Glyko Stafyli me Amygthala
This fabulous spoon sweet combines "fruit and nuts" in a new way. Toasted slivers of almonds are added to syrupy grape preserves to create a delicious taste sensation.

Grated Quince Spoon Sweet - Kythoni Xysto
Quince is a favorite for making sweets. Its natural taste is astringent and not enjoyed by many. Like all Greek preserves, this is more syrupy than many traditional preserves.

Green Walnut Spoon Sweet w/ Cinnamon & Cloves - Glyko Karythi
Young green walnuts create one of the most delicious spoon sweets (preserves) in Greece. Green walnuts can generally be found at market in late spring and autumn. This recipe calls for cinnamon and cloves.

Orange Peel Spoon Sweet: Glyko Portokalaki
Serve this delightful sweet of orange peel in syrup in the traditional way - by the spoonful - or as a dessert sauce with anything chocolate!

Quince Spoon Sweet - Glyko Kythoni
Raw quince has an astringent taste, but cooked, it's a delight. Cooking quince with sugar creates a delightful spoon sweet, one of the most famous and well-loved.

Rose Petal Spoon Sweet - Glyko Triantafyllo
This is a lovely delicate spoon sweet, easy to make with few ingredients. Use the most aromatic roses from the garden.

Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet - Vyssino Glyko tou Koutaliou
Sour cherries are a favorite traditional Greek spoon sweet. The recipe has very few ingredients, and the result - sour cherries in a sugar syrup - is delicious.

Greek Pear Preserves - Greek Pear Spoon Sweet
This recipe for delicious sweet pear preserves or spoon sweets are perfect over creamy Greek yogurt or simply enjoyed on their own.

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