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Greek Baby Foods


Apple Pear Puree

Apple Pear Puree

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New Greek parents, like new parents around the world, are very particular about the foods they give their babies and young children. While many prepared baby foods are available in the market, many make their own from scratch. Greek parents can get pretty picky about using only the best and freshest products. Farm-fresh eggs and certified organic produce top the list.

The great things about homemade baby foods are that most are easy and quick to make, healthy, and you can swap out ingredients to bring new tastes to your baby's life. Just grab your blender and get started.

The sample recipes included here include a few old favorites, and some combinations that might be new to Western tastes.

First Foods

Simple creams (light puddings) and purées rule the first solids. When making dishes that need thickeners, gluten-free rice flour and cornstarch are natural choices until babies reach the age of 1 year (or older). Many nursing mothers use breast milk in recipes as well. Acidic fruit juices, like orange juice, are added after the first 4-6 months, and grains - quaker oats and millet are favorites - are added at that time or a little later.

Sample recipes:

Adding Meats, Fish & Vegetables

When choosing meats, all fat, gristle, and skin are removed. The leanest cuts are a must, but there's no restriction on the type of meat (beef, poultry, pork, lamb, kid). Vegetables are added earlier than meats, and fish are added last. Simple puréeed meats are added at 6 months, while more complex meat dishes (including onion and more fibrous vegetables) are added later on.

Sample recipes:

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