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Greek Meal Menus & Special Diet Recipes

Preparing a Greek recipe or putting together an entire Greek meal can be made easier with menu ideas, including suggestions for those on restricted diets.
  1. Fasting/Lenten Recipes (69)
  2. Greek Baby Foods (7)
  3. Greek Vegetarian & Vegan (37)
  4. Grilled Foods (26)
  5. Mediterranean Menus (4)
  6. Reduced & Low Fat Recipes (10)
  7. Sample Greek Menus (13)

How to Build a Greek Meal
Although there are certain holiday and/or regional traditions, you can pretty much throw out any preconceived ideas of menu planning.

10 Great Greek Recipes for the Thanksgiving Table
Bring the tastes of Greece to your Thanksgiving table with one or more of these dishes that celebrate the foods of the season.

Best Greek Recipes for Leftovers
These Greek recipes are fabulous solutions for leftovers. Try these Greek dishes that call for leftover french fries, pasta and spaghetti, and even chicken soup, as well as meats and vegetables.

Favorite Greek Vegetarian Recipes
Greek recipes for vegetarians were not developed or adapted from other recipes. They are a traditional part of Greek cuisine which relies heavily on the country's wide variety of fresh fruits and produce to create some its most famous dishes.

Greek Ideas for Using & Serving Watermelon
Watermelon is a summer favorite around the world. Here are fabulous Greek ideas to add to your enjoyment.

Greek Recipes for Young Cooks
These recipes will introduce your fledgling chef to Greek cooking in a fun way. Folding classic cheese pies, forming cookie twists, and stirring up a scramble with feta cheese are among the skills kids will love to use!

Heart Smart Greek Recipes
Here are ten recipes that incorporate the heart-healthy elements of olive oil, grains, leafy green vegetables, beans, lentils, and natural unprocessed foods.

How to Diet and Eat Great Greek Food at the Same Time
"Diet Greek Food" is something of a non-sequitor, but there are things you can do to minimize the damage and keep the calories down to the point of losing weight. Here's how.

Quick & Easy Greek Appetizer / Meze Recipes
A selection of quick and easy appetizers and mezethes to serve to unexpected guests, or when other food plans fall through. Hot and cold dishes to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

Quick and Easy Greek Party Platter
This party platter is colorful, includes signature Greek tastes, and is simple and easy to put together.

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