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Recipes for Greek Sauces, Syrups, and Marinades

Recipes for Greek sauces, syrups, and marinades, essentials in creating authentic Greek foods.
  1. Dessert Sauces & Syrups (4)
  2. Pasta & Spaghetti Sauces (3)

3-Day Lamb Marinade
This marinade is an old-fashioned classic used for lamb souvlaki, Greek kebabs. The three-day process is easy and delivers a fabulous result.

Tzatziki - Cucumber Yogurt Dip
Cool and creamy this tangy cucumber dip flavored with garlic is the perfect compliment to grilled meat and vegetables. Serve with plenty of pita triangles for dipping.

Greek-style Grilled Pork Chops - (Grilling Marinade)
Greek-style grilling is pure and simple. This marinade recipe can be used for grilling chicken or pork chops that the whole family will enjoy.

Basic Bechamel Sauce
This is the basic recipe for the medium-thick white sauce used in Greek recipes for moussaka, pastitsio. Variations include thick and thin versions used in au gratin dishes, filled pies, croquettes, and other dishes.

Basic Beef Marinade for Roasts, Steaks, and Kebabs
This simple marinade for beef works beautifully for steaks, kebabs, and other cuts.

Basic Greek Salad Dressing
My favorite dressing, which I use on Maroulosalata (a salad of Romaine lettuce, spring onions, and fresh dill), is an oil, vinegar, and herb dressing. It's quick, easy, and very Greek.

Bechamel Sauce - Small Quantity
This recipe for approximately one cup is ideal for making small filled pies and croquettes that call for a thick béchamel sauce in small quantities.

Bechamel Sauce with Cheese
Greek cooking uses a few different variations on béchamel in many classic and modern recipes. This version is made with cheese, and dresses up vegetables, meat dishes, and leftovers.

Curry Mint Yogurt Sauce or Dip - Yiaourti me Kari
This sauce of curry, mint, yogurt, and honey is a fabulous alternative to other yogurt sauces. It's terrific with lentils and vegetables dishes, and as a dip with fresh veggies. Simple and easy.

Egg-Lemon Sauce - Avgolemono
This egg-lemon sauce is one of the classic Greek sauces, and is traditionally served over stuffed vine leaves, stuffed cabbage, and meatballs with rice; however, it also adds a perfect touch to almost any vegetable dish.

Garlic Puree - Skorthalia
There are several variations of skorthalia (also spelled skordalia), some regional and some due to taste and ingredients preferences, but they all produce a garlic puree that goes wonderfully with fried cod, burgers, greens, and beets ... and some even enjoy it as a dip with bread.

Greek Recipe for Homemade Yogurt - Yiaourti
This recipe is for full fat sheep or cow's milk yogurt made the traditional way, without a yogurt maker. It's a very simple recipe with two ingredients.

Homemade Mayonnaise - Mayioneza
There's nothing like homemade mayonnaise to give your culinary creativity a jump start. Salads, sandwiches, seafood, and veggies are just a few of the places to show off your creation.

Lamb Marinade with Coriander
A traditional overnight marinade with coriander, onion, bay leaves, oregano, oil, and vinegar.

Meat Sauce with Cinnamon (for Baked Dishes)
This is simply the best meat sauce around for use in baked dishes calling for meat sauce. Classic Greek tastes of cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, and garlic give a unique and typically Greek taste.

Mustard Dressing & Sauce - Saltsa Moustarthas
A great dressing for salads, sauce for vegetables, and chicken marinade, this recipe for mustard dressing is very simple with few ingredients.

Oil and Lemon Sauce - Latholemono
Latholemono is a classic Greek sauce for all kinds of seafood and shellfish. It requires no cooking, and has few ingredients.

Tomato-Based Red Sauce - Kokkinisto
Kokkinisto is as much a sauce as it is a way of cooking. Almost all meats and poultry (and game) can be made "kokkinisto," which translated, means "reddened" in a tomato-based red sauce.

Traditional Tzatziki - Yogurt, Cucumber, and Garlic Dip or Sauce
The creamy combination of yogurt, cucumber, and garlic makes tzatziki a refreshing appetizer that can be eaten alone, with bread, or as an accompaniment to or sauce with vegetables, meat dishes, and pita wraps. It is one of the most famous Greek appetizers.

Tzatziki with Carrots
Tzatziki is one of the most well known Greek dishes, and this variation with carrots is particularly good as as dip with raw veggies, and as a condiment with stuffed grape leaves and stuffed vegetables.

Yogurt Sauce or Dressing - Saltsa Yiaourtiou
This quick and easy sauce is terrific on baked potatoes, salads, and also can be used on pita wraps instead of tzatziki.

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