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Greek Recipes for Puddings, Creams & Custards

Recipes for favorite Greek pudding, creams, and custard desserts, including halvas, rice pudding, and galaktoboureko.

Apple & Banana Pudding - Glyko meh Mila & Bananes
Fruit is the most common way to end a Greek meal, and this pudding is a lovely way to add fruit in a way that tastes great and looks beautiful as well.

Halva Recipe - Greek Halvas - Semolina Pudding with Raisins and Nuts
Coarse semolina is toasted in oil and then bathed in hot syrup that is flavored with cinnamon, cloves and orange peel. A simple and elegant dessert that can also be enjoyed during the Lenten season.

Rice Pudding Recipe - Rizogalo
Dense and creamy, this Greek rice pudding called Rizogalo (ree-ZOH-gah-loh) is more like a thick custard than a pudding. Flavored with lemon peel...

Custard Pie - Galatopita
Creamy semolina custard is baked until golden then bathed in sweet syrup. An easy custard pie that doesn’t require a pie crust or shell.

Basic Vanilla Pudding - Krema Vanilia
This basic corn starch vanilla pudding ("krema") is a standard in Greek homes. Suitable for babies, it's also a favorite with children of all ages and, with the addition of fruit, can be adapted to many uses from breakfast to snack to dessert.

Creamy Custard Phyllo Pastry - Bougatsa me Krema
A favorite Greek street food and snack, this version of bougatsa has a custard filling and is sliced and served warm, sprinkled with confectioner's sugar and cinnamon.

Custard-Filled Phyllo Rolls - Galaktoboureko Rolla
Galaktoboureko is a favorite dessert, and these individual servings are made with the same delicious custard filling rolled up into neat packets made with phyllo pastry sheets.

Fat Free Halvas - Semolina Pudding without Oil & Sugar
This recipe for halvas is made with a honey syrup and without oil. The texture is slightly different than other versions, but the taste is light and delightful.

Grape Must Pudding - Moustalevria
This delicious dish combines naturally sweet grape must and a little semolina flour to create a texture somewhere between a gelled dessert and a cream, with a unique taste.

Lemon Pudding - Krema Lemoniou
This is a simple recipe for dairy-free lemon pudding. Use as a pastry filling, in baked phyllo cups topped with a dot of fruit preserves, or as a light pudding.

Milk Custard Pie with Almonds & Syrup - Galatopita me Siropi
There are several different versions of this custard dessert; this is one of the older recipes with almonds and a syrup topping.

Semolina Pudding with Almonds & Raisins - Halvas me Amygthala
Many versions of halvas (semolina pudding) call for walnuts or a mixture containing walnuts. This version calls for almonds and raisins - and the result is a slightly less tart dessert, delightful topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Semolina Pudding with Walnuts - Halvas me Karythia
This version of a favorite dessert is less sweet than some others, and made with walnuts and a light sugar syrup.

Yogurt Cream Mousse - Mous Yiaourtiou
This wonderful mousse is perfect to use as a topping on desserts, or to top with your favorite spoon sweet. The recipe calls for thick Greek yogurt, whipping cream, a little plain gelatin, and a touch of sugar.

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