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How to Make Greek Coffee


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Serve and sip
Making Greek Coffee in Photos
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Serve piping hot with a glass of cold water for each person and, if desired, homemade cookies or sweet biscuits.

This coffee is sipped, often loudly, quite slowly. One cup of coffee often lasts a few hours, however recently, Greek coffee has become popular with the younger set who order "doubles" and often add milk.

Preparation note: There is another type of coffee that is quite popular: sweet boiled coffee (glykivrastos, γλυκήβραστος, pronounced ghlee-KEE-vrah-stohss). To make:

    1 teaspoon of coffee and 2 teaspoons of sugar per cup; lift the briki up and down from the heat allowing the coffee to come just about to the boiling point three times until it makes a lot of foam. Be careful not the let the foam spill over. Serve as above.

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