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Recipes for Greek Main Dishes

The traditional Greek table can include from one to three or four (or more) main dishes. However you set your table, these recipes are sure to please, from the classics to inventive regional specialties.
  1. Au Gratin & Moussaka Dishes (9)
  2. Beef & Veal Recipes (18)
  3. Chicken, Turkey, Game Meats (32)
  4. Egg Dishes (11)
  5. Fish & Seafood Recipes (39)
  6. Fried/Skillet Main Dishes (10)
  7. Greek Meat Recipes (0)
  8. Ground Meat Recipes (32)
  9. Lamb & Kid Recipes (27)
  10. Meat & Potatoes (12)
  11. On the Grill/Barbecue
  12. Oven Casseroles (25)
  13. Pasta Dishes (19)
  14. Pork Recipes (21)
  15. Pressure Cooker Dishes (6)
  16. Roasted Meats (15)
  17. Souvlaki (Skewered Kebabs) (7)
  18. Stovetop Casseroles, Stews (38)
  19. Stuffed Vegetables & Leaves (20)
  20. Vegetarian (Meatless) (31)

4-Meat Oven Stew with Feta - Kreata me Feta
Can four different meats (including turkey) be cooked together? Of course, and this oven stew that adds feta cheese to the mix is the perfect example.

Aliki's Pizza
This recipe is for homemade pizza with bacon, tomatoes, ham, peppers, and cheese toppings. Easy to make with pita bread or the dough in the recipe, and it's my granddaughter's (Aliki's) favorite.

Popping Fried Snails - Kohli Bourbouristi
"Bourbouristi" isn't really a word - it's the Greek equivalent of the sound the snails make when frying. These snails, seasoned with rosemary, are a great main dish or meze.

Snails and Stone-Ground Wheat or Bulgur
Snails are a specialty on the island of Crete, and this is a classic recipe for snails cooked with stone-ground wheat. Bulgur is a common alternative and perhaps more readily available.

This pastitsio recipe is something the whole family will love! The Greek's version of lasagna. A baked pasta dish with meat and cheese topped with creamy Béchamel

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