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Greek Recipes for Low & Reduced Fat Diets

Greek recipes rely almost exclusively on olive oil (the main exception is some baked goods), a healthy, monounsaturated fat; however, for those looking for even lower fat levels, some of these recipes have been modified slightly to bring down fat content while keeping the great taste.

Reduced / Low Fat Greek Foods & Cooking
If you're lowering your intake of fats, here are some tips to bring Greek foods into your low fat diet.

Interview with Elaine Gavalas
Elaine Gavalas, author, exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, weight management specialist, and yoga therapist, talks about her book, "Secrets of Fat-Free Greek Cooking," the Greek diet in general, and offers suggestions for Greek food lovers.

Brandied Strawberries with Low/No Fat Yogurt
An easy, low-fat version of strawberries and cream, this is a simple recipe with few ingredients. Strawberries in brandy with low-fat or fat-free yogurt.

Fat Free Halvas - Semolina Pudding without Oil & Sugar
This recipe for halvas is made with a honey syrup and without oil. The texture is slightly different than other versions, but the taste is light and delightful.

Low Fat Baked Chicken with Yogurt
Using fat-free yogurt and removing the skin from the chicken are the only steps needed to add this delicious dish to the low-fat menu.

Low Fat Baked Greek Tilapia
Low Fat Cooking Guide Fiona Haynes suggests this easy baked fish dish that comes in at 167 calories and 4.9 grams of fat per delicious serving.

Low Fat Beet and Yogurt Salad
Substituting fat-free yogurt for olive oil in this salad not only reduces the fat content to .5 grams, but gives it a new and exciting taste.

Low Fat Roasted Potatoes
These roasted potatoes are delicious and the decreased quantity of olive oil may never be noticed.

Low Fat Vegetable Soup
Vegetable soup isn't generally high in fats, but adjusting the amount of olive oil and changing some of the tastes can bring the fat down and result in a bowl of low fat comfort food.

Reduced Fat Fassolakia (Green Beans with Tomato)
This delicious dish made with fresh string beans and tomatoes tastes terrific with a little less olive oil. It is an oil-based dish so the fat content doesn't get as low as some other foods, but it can be reduced.

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