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Greek Recipes for Ices, Granitas, and Ice Cream

Always a favorite during the hot months (and for many, during winter as well), these Greek recipes include ices (granitas), ice cream, and the famous mastic-flavored "kaimaki" ice cream.

Greek Vanilla Ice Cream - Pagoto Krema
This basic recipe for vanilla ice cream uses full fat milk and whipping cream, and can be used as the base for fabulous additions like chocolate chips, cookie pieces, M&Ms, or others. With or without an ice cream freezer, it's rich and delicious.

Ice Cream for Kids (No-Cook) - Pagoto yia Paithia
An easy no-cook recipe for ice cream that's perfect for kids. Eat as is, or add pieces of favorite sweets, fruits, cereals, nuts, etc.

Lemon Granita -Granita Lemoni
Granitas are a favorite summer treat, and this recipe with lemon juice can be adapted to use your favorite juice, diluted syrup, or soft drink.

Orchid Ice Cream with Mastic - Pagoto Kaimaki
Kaimaki means "cream" and this ice cream has a double dose! It's a classic preparation made with mastic and salepi (ground orchid root) that is often served with syrupy Greek cakes, sweet syrups, or spoon sweets. This is a softer preparation than the original Turkish dondurma.

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