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Cooking with Greek Yogurt


Once you've discovered the thick richness of Greek yogurt, you'll find that it can be used in many ways to create fabulous authentic Greek dishes.

If you haven't found original Greek yogurt at the market, you can create reasonable substitutes in your kitchen by either making yogurt from scratch or buying plain unflavored yogurt, and then straining it to remove excess liquid.

Now, let's see if I can tempt you to try Greek yogurt in new ways with a few of my favorite recipes!

Greek Yogurt in Dips & Sauces

Photo of Greek Tzatziki Yogurt Cucumber Garlic Dip and Sauce
Photo © N. Gaifyllia, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Judging from the popularity of my favorite recipe for tzatziki, it's obvious that at least one Greek dip or sauce with yogurt is being made in many homes! But there are other versions of tzatziki and other dips and sauces that are worth a try:

Greek Yogurt in Baked Goods

Photo of Greek Pie with Feta Cheese
Photo © Jim Stanfield

Greek Yogurt in Vegetable Dishes

Photo of Greek Puree of Beets with Yogurt - Cold Beet Soup
Photo © N. Gaifyllia, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Greek yogurt is often used in salads and other vegetable dishes. The yogurt taste is exceptional with beets, greens, and more.

Greek Yogurt in Meat & Poultry Dishes

Photo of Greek Minced Meat Dumplings from Kavala - Koulakli Manti
Photo © Prosenghisi
Yogurt goes well with many meats, most often as an ingredient in a sauce or accompanying condiment.

Greek Yogurt in Desserts

Photo of Greek Yogurt with Thyme Honey Dessert
Photo © N. Gaifyllia, licensed to About.com
Use Greek yogurt to make mousses, in layered fruit desserts, and on its own - topped with honey, preserves or jams, or toasted nuts. Greek yogurt aids in digestion and is a great way to end a heavy meal on a light note.

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