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Red eggs are a traditional part of the Greek Orthodox Easter celebration, although in recent years, many Greek families have also started adding other colors and decorations to their Easter eggs. Enjoy photos of eggs dyed and decorated for Easter, and learn how they were made. Do you have Easter eggs to show off? Here's how to contribute your photo.
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Photo of Traditional Red Greek Easter EggsRed Eggs from Onion SkinsPhoto of Greek Easter Eggs Dyed with Natural DyesDyed & Decorated Easter EggsPhoto of Red and Brown Decorated Greek Easter Eggs Nestled in ThymeEaster Eggs Nestled in ThymePhoto of Dyed Greek Easter Eggs on Display with Candles and AngelsEaster Eggs, Candles & Angels
Photo of Rainbow Dyed Easter Eggs from BulgariaA Rainbow of Easter Eggs from Bulgaria
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