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Breaking the Fast at Greek Easter

The midnight meal


Photo of Greek Easter Soup - Mayiritsa

Mayiritsa: Greek Easter Soup

N. Gaifyllia

The first traditional meal of Easter Sunday to break the seven weeks' Lenten fast is eaten after the midnight Service of the Resurrection. It is a small meal and, for those of us who are doing most of the cooking for later in the day, a quick meal, we hope.

  • Mayiritsa: Greek Easter soup
    The traditional recipe calls for parts of the lamb that may not always be available, so I've included alternatives with lamb meat or chicken livers that deliver great results, if not totally traditional.

  • Soupa Avgolemono: Egg-lemon chicken soup with rice
    Although you'll see this on my menu for the main meal later in the day, I also make it for the midnight meal if I'm expecting a crowd, since some prefer this soup to the traditional mayiritsa.

  • Tsoureki: Greek Easter bread
    I follow Greek tradition and make this Easter bread with dyed red eggs on Holy Thursday, to serve starting with the midnight meal and throughout the day.

  • Red Eggs: Symbols of the season
    Also on Holy Thursday, my granddaughter and I make dozens of red eggs for Easter Sunday, which will be on the table with the midnight meal, and then set out on the table during cooking and eating, later in the day. There are several ways to dye them - using commercial dyes (just follow directions on the packet) or this way, using onion skins, for a beautiful rich color.

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