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Lathera (Ladera)


Greek Green Bean Casserole

Greek Green Bean Caserole

Photo © Jim Stanfield
Definition: In Greek: λαδερά

Lathera (also spelled ladera) dishes are Greek classics that grew out of simple peasant-style cooking. The Greek word for oil (it's understood that this is olive oil) is lathi, from where the dishes take their name.

Lathera dishes are almost always vegetarian, comprised of one or more vegetables cooked in an olive oil-based sauce often including tomatoes and garlic. They are favorites at all times, and especially appreciated during Lent and other times of "fasting," as it's called in Greek, when meat and dairy products are traditionally restricted.

Pronunciation: lah-theh-RAH
Alternate Spellings: lathera, ladera
Favorite Greek lathera dishes include Potato Ragout and Green Bean Casserole (photo).

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