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The Greek word for olives is elies, ελιές, pronounced el-YES.

The Greek olives available around the world are the culmination of thousands of years of cultivation, and several types of curing. This gallery continues to grow as I have the opportunity to take photos of additional varieties.

The color of the olives denotes the time of the harvesting season during which they were picked. Harvesting runs from October to January. The greenest olives are harvested in October, the red or pink in November, the black in December, and the wrinkled black (not to be confused with olives that have shriveled due to curing in salt) in January.

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Greek Food Photos - Small Cretan Green OlivesSmall Cretan Green OlivesHalkithiki Green Greek OlivesHalkithiki Green OlivesStuffed Green Greek OlivesStuffed Green OlivesKalamata Red OlivesKalamata Red Olives
Greek plum olivesPlum OlivesKalamata black olivesKalamata Black OlivesWrinkled Greek Olives - Throubes or ThroumbesWrinkled Black Olives
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