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Greek cheeses have a lot to do with why I love this country so much. They're naturally produced, they taste wonderful, and they're multi-purpose. Trying new combinations of foods with different cheeses is one of our family's favorite kitchen activities. The most well-known Greek cheese is feta, but there are many others, while less well-known, that are used in Greek food for grating, in sweets, and as table cheeses. Learn more about each cheese with photos to help identify them, and links to information about how they're sold, and how to use them in preparing delicious Greek meals. (The list is not complete; watch for new additions.)

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Greek Aged Anthotyro CheeseAnthotyro Cheese (Aged)Photo of Greek Feta CheeseFeta CheesePhoto of Greek Graviera Cheese from CreteGraviera from CretePhoto of Greek Kasseri CheeseKasseri Cheese
Photo of Greek Katiki CheeseKatiki CheesePhoto of Greek Kefalograviera CheeseKefalograviera CheesePhoto of Greek Kopanisti CheeseKopanisti CheesePhoto of Greek Lathotyri Cheese from MytiliniLathotyri from Mytilini
Photo of Greek Manouri CheeseManouri CheesePhoto of Greek Kapnisto Metzovone CheeseKapnisto MetzovonePhoto of Greek Soft Myzithra CheeseSoft Myzithra Cheese
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