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Greek Orthodox Fasting (Lenten) Recipes

Greek Orthodox faithful observe several major and minor fasting periods throughout the year, including the Easter Lenten season. Meat (and products derived from meat), fish with backbones, dairy products, olive oil, and wine are not eaten. (Vegetable margarine, shortening, and oils are permitted.)
  1. Lenten Appetizers/Mezethes (16)
  2. Lenten Main Dishes (24)
  3. Lenten Salads & Sides (10)
  4. Spoon Sweets (Preserves)

Loukoumades (Loukoumathes)- Greek Honey Puffs
Loukoumades are golden puffs of fried dough that are bathed in sweet syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts.

Loli - Island Cake from Sifnos
A delicious sweet cake from the island of Sifnos with a very odd name, Loli literally translates to crazy. There's nothing crazy about this delightful and easy dessert that is also Lenten approved!

9 Favorite Lenten (Fasting) Desserts & Sweets
It is possible to eat fabulous Greek sweets during Lent and other periods of "fasting" (as it's called in Greek) while keeping with the Greek Orthodox dietary restrictions, and these recipes are just a few of the many choices that prove it.

15 Favorite Greek Lenten & Fasting Recipes
Greek Orthodox dietary restrictions during Lent and at other times prohibit eating foods that contain or are derived from red blooded animals, which means no meat, no fish, no dairy products. But that doesn't mean that foods are bland or tasteless. These favorite Greek dishes are delicious!

Spiced Biscotti - (Paximadakia)
Baking during the Lenten season can be a challenge when you are abstaining from key ingredients like butter and eggs. These tasty biscotti are made with "Lenten-approved" ingredients and are wonderful with coffee.

Halva Recipe - Greek Halvas - Semolina Pudding with Raisins and Nuts
Coarse semolina is toasted in oil and then bathed in hot syrup that is flavored with cinnamon, cloves and orange peel. A simple and elegant dessert that can also be enjoyed during the Lenten season.

Lenten Chocolate Cake
A rich and moist chocolate cake recipe that tastes indulgent but still complies with the dietary restrictions of the Lenten season.

Basic Cornbread - Bobota
One of the fabulous Greek "peasant" dishes, this recipe for basic baked cornbread is made without milk, eggs, or butter.

Greek Medallion Pancakes - Tiganites
These small fried puffs of dough fall somewhere between a pancake and a fritter. A very simple recipe that makes up a good-sized batch of light and airy treats for a delicious breakfast, brunch, or snack food.

Lenten Kourabiethes (Sugared Almond Cookies)
Sugared almond cookies - delightful shortbread-type cookies coated with confectioner's sugar - are a year-round treat and favorites at holidays. This recipe has been adapted to meet Greek Lenten requirements and contains no eggs, milk, or butter.

Semolina Pudding with Almonds & Raisins - Halvas me Amygthala
Many versions of halvas (semolina pudding) call for walnuts or a mixture containing walnuts. This version calls for almonds and raisins - and the result is a slightly less tart dessert, delightful topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Sesame Baklava - Baklavas Sousamenios
This is a delightful version of baklava made with sesame seeds, and a Christmas Eve tradition in many Greek homes. Layers of phyllo dough sprinkled with sesame seeds. No nuts. No butter.

Spanakopita: Spinach Pie without Cheese
This is the version without cheese, and the combination of spinach, herbs, and phyllo creates a delightful dish. (Spanakotyropita is the version with cheese.)

Tahini Soup with Angel Hair Pasta - Tahinosoupa me Fithes
Tahini soup can be made in many ways, and this is the simplest version - a specialty of the island of Syros. Tahini soup is a traditional dish on Friday of Holy Week.

Clean Monday Bread (Lagana)
Clean Monday Bread - Lagana: Recipe and Instructions for making Clean Monday Bread - Lagana

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