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How the Experts Stuff and Roll Grape Leaves


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Separate a Grape Leaf
Stuff and Roll Grape Leaves - Step 1
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Whichever of the fabulous recipes for Stuffed Grape Leaves (dolmathakia) you're planning to make, stuffing the leaves is the most time-consuming part. I know how to use the basic technique, but my friend, Kaliroi, is the local expert and has been known to make batches of 1,000 dolmathakia at a time!

She came for a visit and allowed me to take photos showing how she does it. Her technique is quite a bit faster, so if you're a huge fan of dolmathakia, this is for you.

Kaliroi is right-handed so she set up the leaves, filling, and pot to suit. If you're left-handed, just reverse.

The first step is to separate a leaf from the bunch you have prepared as per your recipe.

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