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Greek Food Basics


Welcome to the world of Greek food. Located at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East, Greece's history has as much to do with its foods as do its natural resources. Greek dishes range from healthy country fare to exotic preparations with overtones of influences that came to Greece from countries scattered across the globe. Let's get started.
  1. Discover Greek Food & Culture
  2. Ingredients
  3. Stocking the Kitchen
  4. The Greek Cook's Shopping & Gift Guide
  5. Greek Holiday Traditions
  1. Health & Nutrition
  2. Ancient Greek Foods
  3. Glossary of Greek Cooking Words, Terms, and Pronunciation
  4. Dining at a Greek Restaurant

Discover Greek Food & Culture

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Perhaps more than any other country, the foods of Greece are indelibly intertwined with its political and social history. Explore the evolution of the Greek cuisine and regional differences, and learn why and how to bring the benefits of Greek food to your table.


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Learn about the ingredients used in cooking Greek foods, what they look like, how to use them, and where to find them.

Stocking the Kitchen

Everything you need to turn your kitchen into a Greek cook's paradise, from items and ingredients to keep in the pantry, to utensils and pots and pans.

The Greek Cook's Shopping & Gift Guide

Before spending your money on Greek foods and ingredients, utensils, and other items, for yourself or as a gift, find advice about quality, authentic products, where to buy, and gift ideas.

Greek Holiday Traditions

Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Much Greek menu planning is based on the calendar of Greek Orthodox holidays and festivals. Recipes have hardly changed over centuries, and setting a "holiday table" is considered by many to be a sacred act, where strict guidelines are observed about food types, courses, and even down to the time certain dishes are prepared.

Health & Nutrition

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Volumes have been written about the Greek diet and, before that, the Cretan diet. Based on a healthy lifestyle, the Greek diet makes the best use of natural and organic ingredients cooked without a heavy reliance on saturated fats and processed foods.

Ancient Greek Foods

Marinated Bulbs

Information and facts about ancient Greek foods and the history of some of our modern foods. What did the Ancient Greeks eat and how did they cook it? Find the answers here.

Glossary of Greek Cooking Words, Terms, and Pronunciation

Find definitions, explanations, and a pronunciation guide for ingredients, foods, techniques, and other words to help increase your understanding of Greek food and cooking.

Dining at a Greek Restaurant

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Greek restaurants, informal to elegant, are springing up in cities and towns all over the world. Learn what to look for in a restaurant, where to find one in your area, and read reviews from GuideSites around the About.com network.

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