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Easy Greek Meals, Recipes, and Tips


Greek dishes are not always known for being quick to make - although there are many that are - but most Greek cooking is not difficult. With tips and techniques for Greek food beginners, these recipes, many with photo tutorials, will bring the authentic taste of Greece to your kitchen with a minimum of effort.
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  2. Quick & Easy Greek Starters (Appetizers, Meze)
  3. Easy Greek Side Dishes
  4. Easy Greek Main Dishes
  5. Easy Greek Desserts & Sweets
  1. Everyday Beverages
  2. Quick & Easy Recipes with Step-by-Step Instructions
  3. Tips, Tricks, and Basic Techniques
  4. Photos: At the Market
  5. Photos: Ingredients & Prepared Dishes

Recipe Box

Greek Recipe Box - Syntages

An index to Greek recipes on the site, by category.

Quick & Easy Greek Starters (Appetizers, Meze)

Batter-Fried Zucchini

Some of the most famous starters are the easiest to make. Stir and serve, assemble and serve, quick-fry, or just put an ingredient on a plate. Bring the authentic taste of Greece to your table or party with these easy dishes.

Easy Greek Side Dishes

Easy Broccoli with Oil- Lemon Sauce

Greek side dishes are deceptively simple. Boiled and fried vegetables are favorites, as well as rice and potato dishes. Stewed and roasted vegetables that also make fabulous meatless main dishes can also be served as sides. Here are only a few examples of easy and delicious Greek side dishes.

Easy Greek Main Dishes

Stewed Beef with Vegetables

Traditional Greek cooking is almost always a simple matter of putting ingredients together with herbs and seasonings that enhance natural flavors. Easy casseroles are favorites, and roasted meats rule the Sunday and holiday table.

Easy Greek Desserts & Sweets

Greek Rice Pudding - Ryzogalo

While some elaborate pastries may need some time to learn, many of the fabulous desserts and sweets for which Greece is famous are pretty easy to make, and some take very little time. Cookies, cakes, puddings, fruits, cheeses, preserves, and ice cream feature classic Greek tastes.

Everyday Beverages

Photo of Greek Coffee

Coffees and teas are part of almost every adult Greek's daily fare. Certain teas, with reputations as remedies for what ails, are known to every family, and there are other favorite non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Quick & Easy Recipes with Step-by-Step Instructions

Greek Honey Puffs - Loukoumathes

The Greek names for some dishes can be difficult to pronounce, but that doesn't mean they're difficult to make. These recipes are laid out with step-by-step instructions in photos or video, and when you make them, you can impress friends and family with your talents!

Tips, Tricks, and Basic Techniques

How to Seed a Cucumber

Find basic ingredient preparation techniques, plus tips and recipe techniques (many with photos), to make sure you have the bases covered as you venture into the world of Greek food.

Photos: At the Market

Greek country market

Follow along as I go shopping for ingredients to make the fabulous Greek recipes here on the site. Open-air markets are the norm, and merchants display their produce, meats, and seafood in a way that hasn't changed for almost a century. Animal carcasses are hung on hooks, fish are displayed in crates of ice, and fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains are laid out in bins and bags, ready to be selected and weighed to order.

Photos: Ingredients & Prepared Dishes

Stuffed Vegetables - Yemista

When I first moved to Greece and tried my hand at cooking, I wasn't sure what some dishes were supposed to look like - and I wasn't familiar with Greek cheeses and many of the ingredients used to create the fabulous tastes of Greek foods. Of course, I always enjoy looking at food photos to get ideas, and I hope these are helpful for you.

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