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Greek Cooking Tips, Tools & Basics to Get Started

What you need to know to get started on your journey to preparing and enjoying the healthy and delicious foods of Greece.
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  4. Measurements & Calculators (7)
  5. Recipes by Ingredient (125)
  6. Shopping & Gift Guide (13)
  7. Stocking the Greek Kitchen (7)
  8. Tips for Newcomers (26)
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Basics of Traditional Greek Cooking
The basics of cooking the fabulous traditional Greek foods that have become famous around the world are easy to learn and easy to follow.

How to Build a Greek Meal
Although there are certain holiday and/or regional traditions, you can pretty much throw out any preconceived ideas of menu planning.

10 Recipes for Greek Food Beginners
Learning to cook the foods we eat in Greece is as much about learning the way we eat (several small dishes can make a meal) as it is about the recipes and techniques. Here are my suggestions for where to start.

7 Tips for Managing the Cost of Greek Cooking
Everyday Greek dishes we make in Greece use ingredients that are economical for us - but not necessarily for you, if they are imported or hard to find. Here are steps you can take to keep the cost down and enjoy the fabulous tastes of Greek recipes.

How Greek Foods are Cooked
The Greek language might make it seem as though dishes are cooked in exotic and unusual ways but cooking methods are actually simple. Learn more.

Ingredients Used in Greek Cooking
What ingredients are used in recipes for the delicious foods of Greece? You may be surprised to find that you already know most of them and either have them in your kitchen pantry or can find them at your local market.

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