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Favorite Greek Desserts & Cookies for the Holidays

Sweet Celebrations


During the holiday season, indulge your sweet tooth and delight your guests with these fabulous Greek desserts and pastries .  The perfect ending to a festive holiday gathering.


Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

A perennial favorite and a classic Greek pastry made with flaky phyllo dough that is layered with a cinnamon-spiced nut filling, and bathed in sweet syrup. It’s crunchy and sweet and very decadent.

Galaktoboureko - Greek Custard Pie

Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

If you can get past the tongue twister name, Galaktoboureko (gah-lahk-toh-BOO-reh-koh) may easily become your favorite Greek pastry.  It’s a divine combination of creamy custard and flaky phyllo dough that is baked to golden perfection then drenched with a lemon and orange infused syrup.

Melomakarona - Spiced Honey Cookies with Walnuts

Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

If I were pressed to name one Greek cookie that epitomizes Christmas, this would be it.  Delicious cookies flavored with orange and cinnamon and drenched in a sweet syrup. 

Revani - Greek Semolina Cake (Ravani)

Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

A moist and delicious semolina cake flavored with a touch of lemon and sweetened with a simple syrup flavored with orange zest.  This is fairly easy to make and can be made ahead of time.

Kourabiethes - Shortbread Cookies with Confectioner's Sugar and Almonds

Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

A Greek family celebration wouldn’t be complete without the delightful buttery goodness of Kourabiethes (koo-rah-BYEH-thes).

Rizogalo - Greek Rice Pudding

Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

Greek rice pudding is thick and creamy and a definite treat.  Make this ahead of time and chill.  Serve in single serve glasses or you can make a large bowl and let your guests serve themselves.

Melopita - Greek Honey Pie

Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

Part custard, part cheesecake, a Honey Pie or Melopita (meh-LOH-peeta) is so versatile that you will find yourself trying it many ways.  This works really well as a tart or can be made in to smaller tartlets.

Koulourakia - Greek Butter Twists

Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

The name for these traditional butter cookies comes from their round twisted shape but you will also see Koulourakia as small braids or in the shape of the letter “S.”

Yiaourtopita - Greek Pound Cake with Yogurt

Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

This lemon pound cake recipe gives us one more reason to love Greek yogurt. It really delivers a moist and creamy cake that can be dressed up or down as you see fit.

Milopita - Greek Apple Cake

Photo © Lynn Livanos Athan

A moist and tender apple cake that is the perfect showcase for crisp and delicious apples.  Perfect with a dollop of whipped cream or even better a scoop of your favorite ice cream. 

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