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Greek Christmas Recipes & Meal Menu


Greek Lemon Pork with Celery

Lemon Pork with Celery - a Christmas Favorite

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Christmas is not the biggest holiday of the year in Greece (it's Easter), but it is an occasion to enjoy a traditional "holiday table" with friends and family. Preparing a "holiday table" means a soup, two or three main dishes covering the major meats and cooked in different ways, several salads, a couple of side dishes, lots of bread, cheeses, and of course, olives.

Pork is a traditional meat at the Christmas meal, and if we make a turkey or chicken, it's stuffed - generally with a stuffing that includes ground meat.

It's all followed up with a selection of traditional sweets, Greek coffee and spirits, and Christopsomo (literally, Christ's Bread}, a sweet bread decorated with walnuts.


Soup & Starter
Chicken and Rice Soup
Stuffed Cabbage (Yiaprakia)

Beet & Garlic Salad
Cabbage Salad
Greek Country Salad

Main Dishes
Lemon Pork with Celery
Roast Lamb with Sage & Thyme
Stuffed Turkey or Chicken with Lamb & Rice Stuffing
Cheesy Baked Pasta (for a meatless dish)

Side Dishes
Fried Potatoes
Spinach & Cheese Pie

Slices of feta cheese
Slices of another table cheese


Country Bread

Traditional Holiday Sweets

Greek Coffee

Christopsomo Christmas Bread

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