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Manouri - Greek Cheese


Greek Manouri Cheese

Greek Manouri Cheese

Photo © Jim Stanfield

Manouri is a semi-soft fresh white cheese made from the drained whey from feta production (sheep or goat milk). It is similar to feta cheese but creamier and less salty or salt-free. It is made in Central and Western Macedonia and in Thessalia.

Greek name and pronounciation:

μανούρι, pronounced mah-NOOR-ree

At the market:

Manouri has a slightly grainy creamy texture and a milky taste with a mild citrus flavor. Like feta, it does not have an outer rind or solidified casing. It is almost always sold in log-shaped rolls, or in individual pieces cut from a roll.

Using Manouri:

Manouri is a popular cheese used in salads, pastries, as a dessert cheese, and in other dishes. Wherever a sweet, rich cheese is used, consider manouri. It has a fat content ranging from 36 to 38%, and a low sodium content of 0.8%.

Outside the Greek kitchen, manouri may be substitued for cream cheese when making cheesecake, and Chef Terrence Maul at the Beyond India restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island, creates his baklava cheesecake dessert using Greek manouri.

Substitutes for Manouri:

goat cheese, cream cheese, or farmer's cheese.

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