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Kefalograviera Greek Cheese (c) Jim Stanfield


© Jim Stanfield

Kefalograviera is one of the newer Greek cheeses. Production was started in the 1960s and it has quickly become a favorite table cheese. The taste of this hard cheese is salty, somewhere between kefalotyri and graviera, hence the name. It is made from sheep's milk.

Greek name and pronunciation:

Κεφαλογραβιέρα, pronounced keh-fah-lo-grahv-YAIR-ah

At the market:

Kefalograviera is sold in wheels or wedges. It has a light brown rind. It can be found at Greek or Mediterranean markets, and a low-fat variety has recently come on the market.

Using Kefalograviera:

While prized as a table cheese (appetizer, meze), kefalograviera can also be used in saganaki (fried cheese), as a roasted cheese, or grated.

Substitutes for Kefalograviera:

For grating: pecorino toscano, pecorino romano, parmesan, regato, kefalotyri, aged myzithra, aged gruyere

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