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Recipes for Greek Breads and Phyllo Pies (Pites)

Whatever the meal or the occasion, there is at least one Greek bread or pita (filled pie) to go along. Breads and pites range from sweet loaves traditionally baked for religious occasions, to pites filled with cheese, meat, vegetables, or cream. Find recipes for a wide variety of everyday and special-occasion baked goods.
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Greek Cornbread with Cheese - Bobota Me Tyri
A rustic country cornbread that incorporates three of the best Greek cheeses: Kasseri, Kefalotyri and Feta.

Clean Monday Bread (Lagana)
Clean Monday Bread - Lagana: Recipe and Instructions for making Clean Monday Bread - Lagana

Basic Cornbread - Bobota
One of the fabulous Greek "peasant" dishes, this recipe for basic baked cornbread is made without milk, eggs, or butter.

Crusty Country Bread - Horiatiko Psomi
This recipe for traditional Greek country bread produces a dense bread with a thick crust, perfect for sopping up the delicious sauces and dressings in Greek dishes and salads, and for dipping sauces.

Easy Greek Pizza Dough - Zymi gia Lathenia
This is an easy recipe for a bread-type pizza dough that calls for self-rising flour, milk, butter, and salt.

Easy Homemade White Bread - Psomi Spitiko
This is an easy and relatively quick recipe for a homemade white yeast bread without a bread machine.

Garlic Bread - Skorthopsomo
Start with a great crusty bread for this garlic spread on toasted bread.

Cheese Bread with Feta - Tyropsomo
If you love feta cheese, this bread will be a delight. Serve it with salads, vegetables, or anywhere you want to add that feta taste.

Greek Christmas Bread - Christopsomo
Making Christopsomo, which literally translates to Christ's Bread, is considered a sacred undertaking and great care is taken with making the dough and decorating the loaves.

Greek Easter Bread with a Bread Machine - Tsoureki
Tsoureki, the sweet bread made at Easter, can also be made in a bread machine to enjoy at any time.

Homemade Phyllo Dough
Phyllo dough is easy to make, and the difference when using it to make pitas and pastries is remarkable in taste and in ease of handling.

How to Make a Pita Wrap
Pita wraps are great fun, easy to make, and a great idea for leftover lamb chunks, chicken, beef, or pork.

Olive Bread - Eliopsomo
Olives and bread are staples of the Greek diet, and combining the two produces a delightful bread perfect with all kinds of foods, but delicious on its own.

Pita Bread
A favorite to serve with dips and spreads, and pita wraps (sandwiches) of all descriptions, pita bread is not difficult to make, and freezes well.

Prosforo Orthodox Offering Altar Bread
"Prosforo" is made for the Divine Liturgy in the Greek Orthodox faith. This double loaf (one on top of the other) represents the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ.

Pita Crisps
Pita crisps are dry and crunchy - wonderful with dips and as a snack. This recipe is for plain crisps made from plain or whole wheat pocket pita bread. Enjoy as is or add your own herbs and spices.

Sweet Egg Dessert Bread - Everyday Tsoureki
"Tsoureki" may be well-known as an Easter tradition, but it's a delightful sweet bread often served as a dessert bread, breakfast bread, or snack. This version is simpler than other traditional versions.

Toasted Pita Bread
Toasted pita bread - with nothing added but olive oil - is delicious as a bread to serve with meals, and as a scoop for dips. This is easy, quick, and has only two ingredients.

Pumpkin Bread - Psomi me Kolokitha
This recipe for Pumpkin Bread makes a traditional loaf of bread that’s slightly sweet and absolutely wonderful toasted and served with jam or preserves.

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