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Greek Fish and Seafood Recipes

No place in Greece is farther than 85 miles from the coast and all types of seafod and shellfish have been an important source of income - and table fare - for Greeks throughout history. From boiling to grilling, enjoy these Greek recipes.

Greek-style Shrimp with Tomato and Feta (Garides me Domata kai Feta)
A classic Greek dish marrying the flavors of sauteed shrimp with tomatoes, Feta cheese, and a hint of Ouzo to awaken the palate. Serve with a simple rice pilaf to absorb all the delicious sauce.

Greek-style Baked Fish - Psari Plaki
This recipe for Greek-style Baked Fish or Psari Plaki takes ho-hum fish fillets and transforms them into a fish entre worth writing about. Tender white fish is baked in a lemon and white wine broth and topped with a chunky sauce made from onions, celery and tomatoes.

Fried Salt Cod - Bakaliaros Tiganitos
A traditional dish for Palm Sunday, this tasty fish can be batter-fried or baked and is delicious with a tangy garlic dip known as Skordalia (skor-thal-YAH).

Artichoke-Stuffed Squid (Calamari) - Kalamarakia Yemista me Aginares
Artichoke hearts, a little rice, and a fabulous range of herbs make up the stuffing for small squid (calamari). Served with a garlic sauce on the side, crisp salad, and plenty of Greek olives, it makes a delightful meal.

Baked Anchovies - Gavros sto Fourno
Throw out any thoughts of very salty little fish that come in cans or packed in salt. This recipe calls for fresh anchovies baked with tomatoes, onion, garlic, wine, and tomatoes. Great as an appetizer or main dish.

Baked Chub Mackerel with Potatoes - Kolios sto Fourno
A simple and delicious recipe, this calls for chub mackerel, tomatoes, potatoes, wine, garlic, bay leaf, and rosemary.

Baked Sardines with Garlic & Oregano - Sartheles Psites Riganates
Sardines are a favorite Greek fish and this easy recipe is a classic, fixed in all parts of Greece. It calls for fresh sardines, garlic, oil, lemon juice, oregano, and seasonings.

Baked Stuffed Squid - Kalamarakia Yemista
Squid (calamari) is a Greek favorite, cooked in many ways. This recipe is for squid with an herb, rice, and raisin stuffing, suitable for lenten Sundays.

Baked Swordfish - Xifias sto Fourno
An easy dish, this recipe calls for swordfish steaks marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, and mustard, then baked to perfection.

Beer-Batter Fried Fillet of Sole - Glosses Fritoura
Pieces of fillet of sole fried in a beer batter.

Boiled Lobster - Astakos Vrastos
A simple and easy Greek recipe for boiled lobster.

Bonito with Garlic & Oregano - Palamitha sto Fourno
Oven-baked bonito seasoned with garlic and oregano, cooked with potatoes.

Classic Stuffed Squid - Kalamari Yemista
This recipe can be made with large or small squid, fresh or frozen. The stuffing is a delicious mixture of rice, garlic, tomato paste, parsley, onion, and wine. A Greek classic and a favorite way to enjoy squid (calamari).

Cuttlefish in Wine - Soupies Krasates
A delicious dish of cuttlefish cooked with onions, red wine, and bay leaves - reminiscent of French cooking, but definitely and authentically Greek.

Cuttlefish with Spinach - Soupies me Spanaki
Cuttlefish are a relative of calamari (squid), and are wonderful when made in this kind of ragout with spinach, tomatoes, herbs, spices, and rice.

Fillet of Sole and Spinach Bake - Glossa me Spanaki
Fillet of sole cooked on a bed of spinach, with a cheese bechamel sauce.

Fillet of Sole with Grapes & Capers - Glossa me Stafili & Kappari
A quick and easy skillet recipe for fillet of sole in a sauce made with grapes, capers, and wine.

Fillet of Sole with Julienned Vegetables - Glosses me Lahanika
This dish is a delicious combination of tastes with fillet of sole, carrots, potatoes, zucchini and herbs.

Fish in a Spicy Red Sauce from Corfu - Bourtheto
This spicy fish dish can be prepared with several different types of fish. Here it's made with black scorpion fish - a real treat!

Fish Soup: Red Snapper & Vegetables - Psarosoupa
This Greek fish soup isn't just soup made with bits of fish; it's a production involving meaty whole fish - in this case red snapper - vegetables and rice. The resulting soup - and boiled fish and vegetables - make a delicious and satisfying meal.

Fisherman's Pasta - Makaronatha tou Psara
This combination of pasta with seafood, shellfish, cognac, hot peppers, herbs, and tomatoes is a terrific choice for a large group, a buffet, or family meal, and it can be reheated if there are any leftovers.

Flaming Prawns - Garithes me Ouzo
This is not only a delicious dish combining the light anise flavor of ouzo with prawns in a cream sauce, but it's fun and theatrical when flambéd.

Fried Fish Croquettes - Psarokeftethes
Delightful as a meze or appetizer, or as a main dish, these fish cakes call for swordfish and desalinated salt cod fried in a beer batter.

Fried Squid (Calamari) - Kalamarakia Tiganita
There's no secret to this wonderful dish - the squid is dredged in flour, fried, and served with lemon. Listed as an appetizer, it is often served as a meze, side dish, or entree as well.

Fried Whole Picarel - Marithes
Marithes (picarel) are very small fish that are fried whole and served with lemon wedges. They make a fabulous seafood meze or main dish.

Grilled Fish - Psari sta Karvouna
Whether it's a beautiful steak from a large fish or a whole fish from today's catch, the simplicity of grilled fish with a minimum of tinkering is a Greek specialty.

Grilled Swordfish Kebabs with Vegetables - Xifias Souvlaki
Greek "souvlaki" (grilled kebabs) comes in all varieties and swordfish is the perfect fish to add to your outdoor menu. Swordfish is a dense white fish that doesn't fall apart on the grill, and favorite Greek tastes of bay leaves, tomatoes, and peppers or citrus turn this into a colorful and delicious dish.

Herbed Sea Bass Baked in Paper - Lavraki sto Fourno se Harti
A delicious and attractive presentation dish, each fish is stuffed with herbs, topped with tomatoes, baked and served in the paper wrapping.

Maria's Poached Salt Cod with Leeks in a Lemon Sauce - Bakaliaros Pose
A delightful dish of poached salt cod with leeks in a tangy lemon sauce, contributed by Maria Verivaki.

Octopus Pilaf - Htapothi Pilafi
In Greek cooking, pilaf is a soft, creamy dish. This is great to serve as a main dish, or in smaller quantities, as a side dish or first course.

Octopus Stewed with Onions & Tomato - Htapothi Stifatho
Stifatho is a stew made with tomatoes and a lot of those wonderful small pearl onions. This is a delightful main dish that also meets lenten requirements.

Pan-Fried Sole - Glosses Pane
This recipe for pan-fried whole sole is simple, easy, and has few ingredients.

Pasta in Octopus Sauce - Htapothi Makaronatha
A delicious and classic Greek dish made with ditali pasta and octopus in a tomato sauce.

Red Snapper Baked in Foil - Synagritha sto Fourno
An easy recipe for frozen whole snapper or dentex baked in foil, garnished with parsley and topped with the classic Greek latholemono sauce (oil and lemon).

Salmon and Leek Pie with Phyllo Dough - Pita Strifti me Solomo
This fabulous coiled pita (filled phyllo pastry) is made with salmon, leeks, feta cheese, herbs, and spices. The recipe makes four individual servings. Step-by-step photos.

Seafood Pasta - Makaronia me Thalassina
Penne pasta, shrimp, crawfish, and ouzo combine to create a taste sensation.

Shrimp & Honeydew Salad - Garithes Salata me Peponi
This refreshing summer salad combines the tastes of shrimp, honeydew melon, and grapes with a light mint dressing. Easy, quick, and delicious as a main dish or side salad.

Shrimp and Feta Casserole - Garithes me Feta
Shrimp, feta cheese, rice, tomatoes, and dill combine to create a delicious and attractive oven-baked casserole.

Sole with Cream Sauce - Glosses me Saltsa
Whole sole baked in wine and topped with a cream sauce.

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