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Patsavoura: Bunched Phyllo Cheese Pie


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Leftover Phyllo Cheese Pie: Start With Phyllo Pieces
Making Leftover Phyllo Cheese Pie

A mess of leftover phyllo

Photo © N. Gaifyllia, licensed to About.com

While making Tyropitakia (small cheese pies), I came across part of the phyllo that hadn't defrosted properly and several sheets were stuck together at a corner. During preparation, a few sheets were torn. I kept going with the Tyropitakia and set aside the damaged pieces of phyllo, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap.

The recipe for the cheese pies calls for enough filling for one pound of packaged phyllo sheets, so I was left with a small amount of filling and a small amount of damaged phyllo sheets - some with just a corner that had stuck together, some in small pieces.

Note: For this recipe, the ideal minimum is three layers of phyllo pieces for the bottom and three for the top, and 1/2 cup (8 tablespoons) of filling; however, it can be made with more of both (or less filling, if using a smaller baking dish).

The common name of this recipe is patsavoura, which means "rag" and describes its somewhat raggedy appearance.

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