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December Name Days in the Greek Orthodox Faith


Starred (*) names indicate that the date of the name day changes each year.


December 01Theoklitos
December 02Myropis
December 04Varvaras, Barbara
December 05Savva, Savas
December 06Nikolaos, Nikos (Nicholas, Nick)
December 07Amvrosios, Ambrosius (Ambrose)
December 09Agias Annis, Anna
December 12Spyridonos, Spyros
December 13Efstratios / Loskias, Stratos, Stratis, Lucia
December 15Eleftherios, Eleftheria, Lefteris
December 17Daniel / Dionysios Zakunthos, Dionysos
December 18Sevastianos & Zois
December 19Aglaias
December 20Ignatios (Ignatius)
December 21Themistokleous, Ioulia, Julia, Julie
December 22Anastasias, Anastasia (name alternatively may be celebrated at Easter, Anastasi, meaning "resurrection")
December 24Evgenias, Evyenia
December 25Christmas Day, Christos, Chrissa, Chrisanthi, Christina
December 26Emmanouil / Synaxi Theotokos, Manolis, Manuella, Emma (Emmanuel, Manny)
December 27Stefanos, Stephania (Steven, Stephen, Stefan, Stephanie)

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