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Gift Ideas for the Greek Food Lover

for occasions - and for no reason at all


Gift Ideas for the Greek Food Lover

Find this cup under "Fabulous Finds - Fabulous Gifts"

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From the beginner to the gourmet, these items are great for holidays, name days, birthdays and anniversaries, other special occasions and, of course, for no reason at all.

Shopping for Food Gifts
Look for authentic Greek products like sea salt, spices, herbs, specialty pastas, large containers of olive oil, gourmet and organic items, barrel-aged feta, thick phyllo (filo) dough, and more at online Greek shops if you can't find them locally, and start from there.

Build a Gift Basket
Here are some ideas to get started, and your own creativity will determine your final basket!

  • Combine a fabulous homemade sweet Greek treat from your kitchen with a favorite kitchen utensil, gadget, or tool.

  • Make a basket with hard-to-find spices or herbs, a mortar and pestle, and a print out of your favorite recipe from the site rolled into a scroll and tied with raffia or a ribbon.

  • Make a basket with a briki (traditional coffee pot), a package of imported Greek coffee, a set of demitasse cups and saucers, and the [link url=http://greekfood.about.com/od/mezethesdrinks/ss/htgreekcoffee.htm]recipe for Greek coffee from the site.

  • For tea lovers, select an imported Greek tea like Mountain or Camomile, add some organic Greek honey (check the online shopping resources) (wildflower honey goes wonderfully with herbal teas, and pine honey is a treat with camomile), an easy-to-make Greek sweet like pasteli that goes well with tea, and wrap it all up with a fabulous tea cup.

For more ideas, check out these suggestions:

Homemade Greek Food Gifts
Greek food makes a wonderful gift! Cookies, pastries, cakes, and spoon sweets are always favorites (and don't forget to add a "From the Kitchen of..." gift tag or label in Greek)!

Fabulous Finds - Fabulous Gifts
These fabulous finds - from the whimsical to the gourmet - are my top choices for gifts to give the Greek food enthusiast. The list includes books, DVDs, art, foods, jewelry, and cooking lessons.

Essential Kitchen Utensils
Know someone who's mad for Greek cooking? Here are ten essentials for every Greek cook's kitchen. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift, these are utensils that should be in every kitchen where Greek foods are being cooked.

Essential Kitchen Tools
These kitchen tools were selected because they make cooking great Greek foods easier. Whether for yourself or as a gift, they will be a welcome addition to every kitchen.

Essential Greek Products for the Kitchen
Basic products and ingredients you'll want in your pantry for cooking Greek foods, where to find them, and why you need them.

... and finally ...

Not-So-Essential-But-Oh-So-Helpful Kitchen Gadgets
These not-so-essential kitchen gadgets and tools may not be necessary when cooking fabulous Greek food, but they're certainly helpful - and they make great gifts.

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