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Greek Food & Culture Festivals


Greeks, and those of Greek descent, who live outside Greece love nothing more than to share Greek culture, traditions, history, and - of course - food! (In case you didn't already know that, you really should go back and see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" again!)

Annual Greek festivals held around the world are a wonderful way to experience the Greek love of life - and they're fun outings for the whole family. Festivals are often sponsored by churches and social organizations, and with the growing popularity of Greek food and culture, entire communities and cities are getting involved!

Greek festivals are held throughout the year (although not usually during major fasts), but they really flourish in the months immediately following Easter.

What can you expect at a Greek Festival?

Depending on the size and location of the community and/or church sponsoring the event, Greek festivals can have an exciting carnival or block party atmosphere with live music, dancing, and fabulous selections of Greek food. Some festivals offer cooking demonstrations, as well. Festivals can be one or two day affairs, or last an entire week.

How to Find a Greek Festival:

It isn't hard to find a Greek festival near you. Check your local media - newspapers, radio, television, and magazines - and there are several excellent online Greek festival listings that include contact information and directions. These are the best I've found:

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