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Greek Festivals, Holidays, and Special Occasions

Greek food is an important element of every type of celebration, from births, weddings, and funerals to major holidays like Christmas and Easter. Find recipes and information for all occasions, and information about Greek food festivals around the world.
  1. Greek Christmas and New Year (17)
  2. Greek Easter & Lent (25)
  3. Greek Name Days by Month (11)
  4. Party & Picnic Recipes (21)

Gift Ideas for the Greek Food Lover
Find gift ideas for every Greek food lover on your gift list, from the beginner to the gourmet. These items are great for holidays, name days, birthdays and anniversaries, other special occasions and, of course, for no reason at all.

The Greek Holiday Table
Holidays in Greece are celebrated with family and friends around tables laden with the foods of the season. The "holiday table" has certain traditions that pass from generation to generation.

Greek Orthodox Calendar of Holidays & Fasts
Here's an easy to follow calendar of holidays and fast days. There are four main fasting periods, and individual fast days, in the Greek Orthodox faith, and while food is allowed, it is restricted.

Prosforo Orthodox Offering Altar Bread
"Prosforo" is made for the Divine Liturgy in the Greek Orthodox faith. This double loaf (one on top of the other) represents the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ.

Greek Funeral & Memorial Boiled Wheat - Kollyva
Kollyva is a traditional wheat dish served at funerals and memorial services. It is generally served from a large tray, spooned out into cups or small plates.

Greek Food & Culture Festivals
Around the world, Greeks and those of Greek descent love to share customs, traditions, history, and food! Learn more about Greek festivals, what to expect, and where to find them.

Name Days: A Reason to Celebrate
Name days have a singular importance in the lives of members of the Greek Orthodox faith. Learn more about these celebrations and when they occur, including a monthly calendar.

10 Great Greek Recipes for the Thanksgiving Table
Bring the tastes of Greece to your Thanksgiving table with one or more of these dishes that celebrate the foods of the season.

10 Greek Recipes for Mother's Day Breakfast or Brunch
Geared toward the younger cook, these fabulous Greek tastes will add something special to your family's celebration of Mom on her special day.

Saint Fanourios Cake - Recipe for Fanouropita
A delicious spiced cake baked as an offering to Saint Fanourios, (fah-NOO-ree-os) the Greek Orthodox patron saint of lost items. Flavored with cinnamon and ground clove, this tasty cake is delicious with coffee or tea.

Loukoumathes: A Greek Hannukah Tradition
Loukoumathes are small, light-as-air puffs, loved by all Greeks and a tradition in the Greek Jewish community at Hanukkah.

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