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Spices Used in Greek Cooking


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This list includes spices commonly used in Greek cooking. Follow linked spice names to more detailed descriptions and information.

Note on pronunciations:

  • Accented syllables are shown in capital letters.
  • The "hard th" is the th sound in the word "the." The "soft th" is the th sound in the word "thanks."

Name: Allspice
Greek name: Bahari
Pronounced: bah-HAH-ree
Name in Greek: μπαχάρι

Name: Anise
Greek name: Glykaniso
Pronounced: ghlee-KAH-nee-so
Name in Greek: γλυκάνισο

Name: Cardamom
Greek name: Karthamo
Pronounced: KAR-thah-mo (hard th)
Name in Greek: κάρδαμο

Name: Cinammon
Greek name: Kanela
Pronounced: kah-NEH-lah
Name in Greek: κανέλα

Name: Cloves
Greek name: Garifalo
Pronounced: ghah-REE-fah-lo
Name in Greek: γαρίφαλο

Name: Coriander
Greek name: Kolianthro
Pronounced: koh-LEE-ahn-throh (hard th, rhymes with "dough")
Name in Greek: κολίανδρο

Name: Cumin
Greek name: Kymino
Pronounced: KEE-mee-no
Name in Greek: κύμινο

Name: Curry
Greek name: Kari
Pronounced: KAH-ree
Name in Greek: κάρι

Name: Ginger
Greek name: Piperoriza
Pronounced: pee-peh-ROH-ree-zah
Name in Greek: πιπερόριζα

Name: Hot Chili Pepper (see Hot Peppers)
Greek name: Boukovo
Pronounced: BOO-koh-voh
Name in Greek: μπούκοβο

Name: Hot Peppers
Greek name: Kafteres Piperies
Pronounced: kaf-ter-ES pee-peh-ree-ES
Name in Greek: καυτερές πιπεριές

Name: Mahlab
Greek name: Mahlepi
Pronounced: mahk-LEH-pee
Name in Greek: μαχλέπι

Name: Mastic
Greek name: Mastiha
Pronounced: mahs-TEEKH-hah
Name in Greek: μαστίχα

Name: Mustard Powder
Greek name: Moustartha Skoni
Pronounced: moo-STAR-thah SKOH-nee (hard th)
Name in Greek: μουστάρδα σκόνη

Name: Nutmeg
Greek name: Moschokarido
Pronounced: mos-ho-KAH-ree-thoh (hard th, rhymes with dough)
Name in Greek: μοσχοκάρυδο

Name: Pepper
Greek name: Piperi
Pronounced: pee-PEH-ree
Name in Greek: πιπέρι

Name: Saffron
Greek name: Zafora or Safrani
Pronounced: zah-for-AH or sah-FRAH-nee
Name in Greek: ζαφορά, σαφράνι

Name: Sumac
Greek name: Sumaki
Pronounced: soo-MAH-kee
Name in Greek: σουμάκι

Name: Vanilla
Greek name: Vanilia
Pronounced: vah-NEEL-yah
Name in Greek: βανίλια

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