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Discover Greek Food and Culture

Perhaps more than any other country, the foods of Greece are indelibly intertwined with its political history. Explore the evolution of the Greek cuisine and regional differences, and learn why and how to bring the benefits of Greek food to your table.
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20 Classic Greek Favorites
These are the iconic Greek dishes that Greek food enthusiasts know and love. A great way to sample a variety of the fabulous flavors of traditional Greek cooking.

The Greek Meze Table
The Greek Meze Table - All about the Greek Meze or Appetizer Table

25 Classic Greek Recipes
Ask someone about Greek food, and some version of one or more of these recipes is sure to be included.

A "Matsaki" of This, a "Houfta" of That
As with all culinary traditions, taste combinations are reflective both of the cook and of the region, and measurements can be vague - but flexible. Let your own spirit run free when making fabulous Greek dishes.

An Introduction to Greek Food and Greek Cooking
Did you know that the first cookbook was written in Greece? Learn more about Greek food and the many influences that have been drawn in over the centuries to create modern-day Greek cooking.

Basics of Traditional Greek Cooking
The basics of cooking the fabulous traditional Greek foods that have become famous around the world are easy to learn and easy to follow.

Eat Greek, Get Noisy!
An authentic Greek meal is a true social experience. Learn why Greek meals are so much fun and how to bring the celebration to your table.

Favorite Greek Recipes of Film & TV Celebs
At the 1st Annual Los Angeles Greek Film Festival in Los Angeles, television and movie stars and celebrities talked about their favorite Greek foods.

Filoxenia: More Than Hospitality
"Hospitality" is the official translation of "filoxenia," but it doesn't adequately describe it. Learn about this defining attribute of which Greeks are so proud.

Greek Food Photo Galleries
Learn what Greek foods look like with pictures of finished dishes, ingredients, and market pictures from shopping expeditions in Greece.

Greek Omelets & Scrambles: They're Not About the Eggs
It may sound strange, but traditional Greek omelets and scrambles are not focused on the eggs, and most often contain just the minimum needed. Learn more about Greek omelets, scrambles - and eggs.

Improve Your Heart Health with Greek Food
All evidence points to the Mediterranean (and more specifically, Cretan) diet as the way to heart health. It isn't just the foods of course, but changing eating habits is a great start. Here are basic elements of the Greek diet that can help.

Interview with Eftychis (FT) Bletsas
Come meet this rising young star of Greek food television. Eftychis Bletsas is bringing great homemade food and his music into Greek homes with a new and exciting approach.

Interview with Elaine Gavalas
Elaine Gavalas, author, exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, weight management specialist, and yoga therapist, talks about her book, "Secrets of Fat-Free Greek Cooking," the Greek diet in general, and offers suggestions for Greek food lovers.

Meet Chef James Henderson
Do you have to be Greek to love and cook great Greek food? Of course not, but what about as the executive chef of not one but two Greek restaurants in the toughest restaurant market of all... New York City? Meet Chef James Henderson who is doing just that.

Reduced / Low Fat Greek Foods & Cooking
If you're lowering your intake of fats, here are some tips to bring Greek foods into your low fat diet.

Sweet Hospitality - Greek Spoon Sweets
Symbols of hospitality, spoon sweets are a traditional offering to guests. Similar to preserves, but more syrupy, many spoon sweets are also used as a topping for yogurt, ice cream, and fruit.

The Greek Holiday Table
Holidays in Greece are celebrated with family and friends around tables laden with the foods of the season. The "holiday table" has certain traditions that pass from generation to generation.

The Tselementes Effect on Greek Cooking
Nicholas Tselementes was a Greek chef with very definite ideas about how Greek food should be prepared and served. His cookbooks, written in the early 1900s, have influenced Greek cooking for generations.

Wild and Cultivated Greens in Greek Recipes
Greens are a favorite Greek food - eaten raw, boiled, cooked in casseroles, and as herbs. While many greens grow in the wild in Greece, you can find many in local grocery shops and at farmer's markets. Here is a listing of greens and how they can be used.

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