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Recipes for Greek Desserts, Pastries, and Sweets

From delicate and fragile to crunchy and chewy, Greece is known for its confections, cakes, and cookies. Made with an abundance of honey, nuts, fruits, and creams, these mouth-watering treats will tempt the sweet tooth of anyone, even Scrooge!
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5 Easy Sweet Greek Treats
These five traditional Greek sweet tastes are easy to make and are perfect to give as gifts or to satisfy a sweet tooth.

9 Favorite Lenten (Fasting) Desserts & Sweets
It is possible to eat fabulous Greek sweets during Lent and other periods of "fasting" (as it's called in Greek) while keeping with the Greek Orthodox dietary restrictions, and these recipes are just a few of the many choices that prove it.

Cheese with Honey, Walnuts, and Fruit - Manouri me Frouta
Greek meals can be very filling, leaving little room for dessert. That's where this light combination of cheese, honey, walnuts, and fruit comes in, to provide a touch of sweetness that isn't heavy on the stomach.

Favorite Greek Desserts for the Holidays

During the holiday season, indulge your sweet tooth and delight your guests with these fabulous Greek desserts and pastries .  The perfect ending to a festive holiday gathering.

Coke Cream Filled Pastry - Kok
In Greek, this is spelled with a "k" and pronounced "coke." The pastry looks something like a miniature MoonPie or a frosted filled cookie, but there the resemblance ends. A fabulous pastry cream filling and chocolate glaze make these bite-sized sweets a favorite.

Sweet Cheese Pastries from Crete - Kalitsounia Kritis
These sweet cheese pastries are a favorite on the island of Crete, where they are either baked or fried. Unlike many other Greek pastries, this recipe calls for a rolled dough instead of phyllo.

Walnut-Filled Pastry Purses - Pougkia Glyka me Karythi
The small purse shape is a perfect way to enclose a sweet walnut filling. This baked dessert or sweet snack can be served warm or at room temperature.

Yogurt with Honey - Yiaourti me Meli
Quick, easy, good for the digestive system, and the perfect end to a Greek meal.

Yogurt with Preserves & Toasted Almonds
This very simple dessert showcases thick creamy yogurt and spoon sweets (if you make them) or preserves. A sprinkle of toasted almonds on top completes this quick and easy dish.

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