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Great Greek (and Semi-Greek) Food Blogs

Written by Greeks who live outside Greece, non-Greeks who live in Greece, Greeks writing from their Greek homes, and others who are simply wonderful writers with a love of the Greek and Greek/Mediterranean food experience, these are my favorite English-language blogs. Listed alphabetically.

Greek Food Recipes & Reflections
From his home in Toronto, Sam Sotiropoulos, the Greek Gourmand - shares his love of Greek food - created in his home kitchen, from his frequent trips to Greece, and from friends around the world.

"Kalofagas" means "gourmet" (or "gourmand") in Greek and blogger Peter M., a Canadian of Greek descent, dishes up fabulous recipes, techniques, and great food schmooze - just what you'd expect from a first-class food enthusiast.

Blogger Ivy hails from Cyprus and now lives in Greece. Her blog is packed with recipes and food lore from around the region.

Mama's Taverna
Lulu shares great recipes and food lore, but her specialty is in techniques. Her great visuals shows how to achieve classic Greek results.

Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska
Blogger Laurie Constantino divides her time between Alaska and Greece, and her recipes are created to deliver authentic Greek tastes using ingredients that are readily available outside Greece.

Organically Cooked
Blogger Maria is an expat New Zealander living in Crete and her blog has evolved over time from just recipes to a fabulous journal that ties food to her own history and life experience as a legacy for her children. I don't know which are better - the stories or the recipes.

Rice, beans & pastichio
Cheryl and her family moved to Greece recently and her blog is a fabulous chronicle of their transition, including... food!

Romancing the Table
Blogger Cynthia Daddona (the Modern Day Goddess) brings her love of romance to the Greek/Med food arena on this blog that offers up food with the most romantic spin.

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