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Greek Recipes for Au Gratin and Moussaka Dishes

In the early 1900s, a Greek adaptation of "au gratin" dishes made with cream sauces and cheese became part of the Greek culinary experience. Moussaka and Pastitsio are two of the most famous.

3-Cheese Baked Cauliflower - Soufle Kounoupithiou
Cauliflower is covered with a cheesy cream sauce, and topped with even more cheese to create a fabulous side dish. This recipe can also be made with broccoli.

Baked Pasta with Meat - Pastitsio
Pastitsio is a classic Greek dish, with several variations. This creamy, cheesy dish is one of the all-time favorite Greek comfort foods.

Cheesy Baked Pasta - Makaronia Ograten
Macaroni and cheese is a favorite in Greece, but with a difference. This dish is made like many Greek "au gratin" dishes, with a combination of creamy bechamel sauce and grated cheese - and it's delicious.

Fillet of Sole and Spinach Bake - Glossa me Spanaki
Fillet of sole cooked on a bed of spinach, with a cheese bechamel sauce.

Moussaka with Eggplant
This is the Greek recipe for moussaka with eggplant, probably the most well-known of all versions, and a favorite of Greeks and non-Greeks alike. A casserole dish, moussaka is made with layers of ground meat and vegetables, and topped with a rich cream sauce.

Moussaka with Potatoes - Mousakas Patates
Layers of potato slices, cheese, ground meat sauce, and a creamy bechamel topping. An oven-to-table casserole that can be made in large quantities and frozen for later use.

Moussaka with Zucchini - Mousakas Kolokythakia
Layers of sliced zucchini, cheese, ground meat sauce, and a creamy bechamel topping. This zucchini version is a delightful change from the eggplant and potato versions.

Spinach & Asparagus Bake - Spanaki me Sparaggia Ograten
"Au gratin" recipes found their way into Greek cooking in the early 1900s. This combination of spinach and asparagus with cream and sharp cheese is a delicious example of this type of cooking.

Stuffed Eggplant Little Shoes -Melitzanes Papoutsakia
This is our family's favorite version of eggplant halves filled with a ground beef mixture, topped with a béchamel sauce. "Melitzanes" means "eggplants," and "papoutsakia" means "little shoes." Take a look to learn why.

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