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Favorite Greek Finger Foods


Greeks love to sit around a table of small plates of delicious food, sharing the food and good company. Here are some favorite dishes that require no utensils. Just grab and enjoy!

Listed in alphabetical order.

1. 3-Cheese Eggplant Appetizer Rolls - Bourekakia Melitzanas

Photo of Greek 3-Cheese Eggplant Appetizer Rolls - Bourekakia Melitzanas
N. Gaifyllia
A mixture of three delicious cheeses marks the filling for thin slices of eggplant that are rolled, dipped in flour, breadcrumbs, and egg, then fried to perfection. Make these in large batches because they will disappear very quickly!

2. Cheese Pie Triangles - Tyropitakia

Photo of Tyropitakia - Small Cheese Pie Triangles
Photo © N. Gaifyllia, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Whether your passion is flaky pastry dough or the cheeses of Greece, these little cheese pie triangles are a delight. Try fixing them with young cooks since they are fun and easy, and the triangles are the perfect "kid size" for eating.

3. Cocktail Lamb Kebabs - Souvlakia Arnisia

Souvlaki skewers with french fries and a feta and tomato salad
Photo © Jim Stanfield
Souvlakia, chunks of meat on little skewers, are a favorite in Greece, and this version with lamb is a tasty meze to accompany spirits or pre-dinner beverages. This recipe calls for three days of marinating, and cooking on the fourth day, so plan ahead. The end result is worth it.

4. Cocktail Meatballs - Keftethakia

Photo of Keftethakia - Greek Cocktail Meatballs
Photo © Jim Stanfield
Keftethakia are a favorite dish and easy to make. I usually make up large batches of the meat mixture and use some for these cocktail meatballs, and others for hamburger patties or meatballs in sauce.

5. Fried Picarel or Smelt - Marithes

Photo of Greek Marithes - Marides - Fried Whole Fish Picarel Smelts
Photo © Jim Stanfield
Marithes are small picarel or smelts that are fried whole and served with lemon wedges. They make a fabulous seafood meze and because they are so small, they are a favorite finger food.

6. Grilled Bread with Tomatoes & Feta - Riganatha

Photo of Riganatha - Greek Bruschetta
Photo © N. Gaifyllia, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Grilled bread topped with extra virgin olive oil, chopped tomatoes, feta cheese, and a healthy sprinkle of oregano. A classic Greek taste, perfect as an appetizer, and great with beer.

7. Rolled Ham, Cheese, & Phyllo "Flutes" - Zabonotyrofloyeres

Photo of Greek Rolled Ham, Cheese, and Phyllo Flutes - Zabonotyrofloyeres
Photo © N. Gaifyllia, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Called "flutes" because of the shape, these delightful treats can be prepared a few days ahead and refrigerated until time to fry. Ham and cheese are rolled in phyllo sheets, dipped in egg whites and grated sharp cheese, and quickly fried until golden.

8. Savory Turnovers with Greens & Herbs - Hortopitakia

Photo of Hortopitakia - Savory Pies with Spinach or Greens and Herbs
Photo © Jim Stanfield
Hortopitakia are small savory turnovers made with aromatic herbs and greens. They are easy to make, especially with homemade phyllo dough as shown here, or with commercial frozen phyllo.

9. Spinach Pie with Feta Cheese - Spanakotyropita

Spanakopita - Greek Spinach Pie with Cheese
Photo © Jim Stanfield
Spinach pie is a Greek favorite and can be made in many ways. This recipe includes simplified phyllo handling, and uses commercially prepared phyllo dough.

10. Stuffed Grape Leaves - Dolmathes (Dolmades)

Photo of Dolmathakia - Greek Stuffed Grape Leaves
Photo © N. Gaifyllia, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Stuffed grape leaves are a favorite appetizer and meze, and one of the most traditional of all Greek dishes. This version is made with rice and herbs, but there are several versions from which to choose. These are always party favorites and well worth the time it takes to make them!
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