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Greek Bruschetta - Lathovrekhto


Greek Bruschetta - Lathovrekhto

Toasted country bread with eggplant dip topping

Photo © kyfleur

In Greek: λαδοβρεχτό, pronounced lah-thoh-vrekh-TOH

The word lathovrekhto means "moistened with oil." Rusks (paximathia, παξιμάδια, say: pahk-see-MAHTH-yah), which are twice-baked breads, or grilled country breads form the base of these simple mezethes or appetizers.

I well remember, as a new bride in Greece, being offered a thick slab of grilled bread topped with fabulous extra virgin olive oil (the now famous evoo) and sprinkled with salt. So simple. So fabulous!

Lathovrekhto can also be topped with favorite dips, vegetables, and cheeses. Two of the most well-known versions are Dakos, a specialty from the Greek island of Crete, and Riganatha.

Dakos are made using the famous Cretan barley rusks which, after being brushed or drizzled with olive oill, are topped with tomatoes, cheese, and herbs. The similar Riganatha, is made with grilled or toasted slabs of bread with the same toppings.

Try lathovrekhto topped with

  • Eggplant Dip (Melitzanosalata);
  • Your favorite tomato paste mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil;
  • A sprinkling of salt and Greek oregano (rigani).

Use your imagination to create your own favorites!

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