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Filled Phyllo Pies - Greek Food - About.com
Pites (pan-sized pies) and pitakia (small pies) are some of the most famous dishes in Greece. Thick and thin phyllo (filo) dough can either be used as layers of ...
(Filo) Pies - Greek Food - About.com
In Greek, a "pita" is a pie. Filled with sweet or savory fillings as well as meats and poultry, "pites" (plural) are pan sized and can be made with thin phyllo sheets, ...
Greek Leek Pie - Greek Recipe for Phyllo Pie with Leeks and Cheese
This classic Greek pan pie works wonderfully as an appetizer, snack, side dish, or main dish. Made with leeks, cheese, and packaged phyllo sheets, the recipe is  ...
Meat Pie with Phyllo Crust - Greek Recipe for Kreatopita - Greek Food
This pan-sized pie encased in a phyllo crust can be made with beef or lamb, and calls for meat, olive oil, wine, tomato paste, rice, onions, garlic, and a fabulous ...
Greek Spinach Pie Recipe (Spanakopita) - Greek Food - About.com
A delicious phyllo pie made with spinach and feta cheese, Spanakopita is a classic Greek favorite that will work as an appetizer, side dish or even a light lunch ...
Recipes for Greek Breads and Pites - Phyllo Pies - Greek Food
Whatever the meal or the occasion, there is at least one Greek bread or pita ( filled pie) to go along. Breads and pites range from sweet loaves traditionally baked ...
Chicken Phyllo Pie - Kotopita - Greek Food - About.com
A delicious savory pie made with a moist and flavorful chicken filling topped with flaky phyllo dough sheets and baked to a golden brown. This recipe for Chicken ...
Phyllo Greek Pastries and Pies Beginners' Guide - Greek Food
The great Greek contribution to these pastries and pies was the technique for creating the wafer-thin dough we know today as phyllo, sometime around the 3rd  ...
Phyllo yia Pites: Country Phyllo Crust for Pan-Sized Pies - Greek Food
The quantity is for a large pan commonly used in Greece, similar in size to a large roasting pan. The phyllo crust is great for country-style meat pies, greens and ...
Phyllo Cheese Triangles Recipe (Tiropita) - Greek Food - About.com
Delicious packets of crisp phyllo pastry wrapped around a savory cheese filling. Enjoy these Greek Phyllo Cheese Triangles at your next gathering.
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