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Measurement Converter for Cooking Greek Foods
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Whether you've bought a great Greek cookbook, or been given a truly authentic recipe by a friend, you may have come across some vague or unfamiliar measuring terms.

Greek cooks are notorious for measuring in terms of "pinches" and "handfuls," and even when it comes to writing down recipes, measurements are often given in terms of what they have around the kitchen, such as a teacup (different than an English teacup), a water glass (not quite 8 ounces), a wine glass, or a raki glass. Metric measurements are also different, so those in the U.S. may have trouble figuring out milliliters (ml) while those in the U.K. may not be all that familiar with a fluid ounce.

Our About Guide to Focus on Javascript, Stephen Chapman, has a wealth of knowledge that he has graciously used to create this converter.

A reminder: cups to ounces (and vice versa) is for liquid measurements only, and grams to ounces (and vice versa) is for weight only.

Note: If you have other questions about measurement conversions, bring them to the Greek Food forum.

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