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What's in Those Greek Spice & Herb Mixes?

By March 18, 2009

Greek Spices and HerbsWe see them being used by some celebrity cooks, we see them in some recipe books... a quantity of "Greek herbs" or "Greek spices." What does that mean?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on our discussion forum and, frankly, one that hasn't gotten a definitive answer.

I don't use prepared blends (the shops my little village and neighboring towns don't even sell them), however I did find some blends in Greek on the Internet and have translated them on the forum.

Here are a few ideas that might be helpful when creating blends to meet your needs.

  • Learn about the favorite herbs and spices used in Greek cooking, and how each is most often used;
  • Start with a recipe you enjoy and build on the herbs and spices it contains;
  • Take a list of ingredients from a blend you like and experiment in your kitchen.

Things to Remember:

  • Don't expect one blend to work in all dishes.
  • Packaged herbs and spices tend to have a short shelf life (there are a few exceptions), so whatever you buy and mix into a blend should be an amount you plan to use within a month or so - but they can be quite costly. Look for them in co-ops, health food shops, and ethnic grocers where special savings may be available.
  • Too many herbs and spices can overwhelm a dish rather than enhance it.

Join one of our ongoing forum discussions about Greek herb and spice mixes:

or check out the translated blends to see if any of them will work in your kitchen!

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