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May Greek Food Round Up

Friday May 30, 2014

Greek food round up Hello all!! This month has been yet another productive one. 10 new recipes were delivered this month. Below are the new additions. We hope you enjoy. Just a quick note, this will be the last blog post. About.com is changing things up, so make sure you're on our newsletter to receive all the lasted and tasted recipes!! 1. Youvarlakia Avgolemono 2. Stifado 3. Greek salad | Horiatiki Salad 4. Kolokythokeftedes - Zucchini fritters 5. Greek Stuffed Peppers 6. Basil and Feta Cheese 7. Greek Eggplant Dip 8. Asparagus With Feta 9. Kotopita | Phyllo Chicken Pie 10. Kefalotyri And Green Grape Salad

April Recipe Round Up!

Wednesday April 30, 2014
Hello everyone! Both Jane and I hope this month was kind to you. With Easter, I'm sure it was a time spent with family and friends. I don't know about you, but I still cannot believe that summer is approaching! If you're doing any summer travels, I'm sure you are starting to plan. This month, we have 10 new recipes for you. The first few are Easter themed as that was a big holiday this month. As always, we hope you enjoy them! Please do not hesitate to contact us for any suggestions, tips, comments, and things you'd like to see. Depending on amount of emails we get, it may take a few days, but we will respond to everyone! koulouraki 1. Koulourakia | The Easter Cookies of Greece Tsoureki 2. Tsoureki | Easter Bread Fish and avgo 3. Potatoes And Fish In Avgolemono olive bread 4. Greek Olive Bread | Eliopsomo fish roe 5. Taramosalata garlic dip 6. Skordalia | Greek Garlic Dip tomatoes and feta 7. Baked Cherry Tomatoes With Feta feta and oregano greek appetizer 8. Sliced Feta With Oregano saganaki 9. Saganaki | The Flaming Greek Cheese pistachio cookies 10. Pistachio Cookies

It's Greek Easter Weekend!

Friday April 18, 2014
Hello everyone! This weekend is a special one! One thing that really stands out, especially coming from a Greek/Irish household, is that this year Easter is on the same day! So all the half Greeks or Greeks married to non-Greeks can celebrate this day in harmony. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to spend time with loved ones, eat good food, and just relax. I sent the following out in the Greek Food newsletter (you should sign up if you haven't!) but I wanted to share them here. Below are some Greek words you can tell you Greek friends on or around Easter! Up until Easter, we say: "Kalo Pasha" which means, "Happy Easter" On the day of Easter and a few days after, we say: "Christós Anesti" which means, "Christ has risen." If someone says the above to you, you respond with: "Alithós Anesti" which means, "He truly has risen!" Also, there are a few key things we make, which are listed below. Both Jane and I hope you have a happy Easter!! PS. I wasn't able to add the Greek spelling since it didn't recognize the typeface. * Tsoureki I semi-sweet braided bread. You can get the recipe here: Tsoureki | Easter Bread * Koulourakia Delicious butter cookies: Koulourakia | The Easter Cookies of Greece * Tsougrisma The Greek egg tapping game played on Easter: Tsougrisma | Egg Tapping Game

March Roundup Of New Greek Recipes!

Monday March 31, 2014
New greek recipes Well, as our first month of writing for this section comes to a close, both Jane and I are very excited about what lies ahead. We have so much to share (and learn) it's going to be an amazing ride! We wanted to thank all the people who have been sending us emails! I will respond to everyone, so if you have yet to get a reply--it's coming :) Below are the 10 new Greek food recipes for the month. We hope you like them!! With Love, Kenton & Jane 1. Dakos Recipe 2. Baklava | Phyllo With Nuts And Honey 3. Keftedes | Greek Meatballs 4. Souvlaki Recipe | Greek Chicken Skewers 5. Hummus | Greek Style Hummus 6. Dolmathes | Grape Leaves Stuffed With Meat 7. Avgolemono Soup | Greek Egg-lemon Soup 8. Pastitsio | Greek Pasta Topped With Béchamel 9. Tzatziki Recipe | Greek Cucumber Yogurt Dip 10. Moussaka | Greek Eggplant Dish

About.com's Greek Food Section Is Back!

Friday March 7, 2014
Greek Food Hello Greek Food Enthusiast! My name is Kenton and I'm the new Greek food writer here on About.com This section has been dormant for a few years, but now it's back! Soon, we'll be diving into the realm of Greek cuisine. I'll be sharing new and exciting Greek recipes; showing you traditional dishes as well as new and modern recipes. The foods of Greece have been know to be some of the healthiest around - they are a big part of one of the healthiest diets, the Mediterranean Diet. I hope you are as excited as I am. In the mean time, feel free to browse the site and see recipes currently listed on here from past writers.

A Celebratory Feast

Wednesday August 10, 2011
Roast Leg of Lamb

The Feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary is celebrated on August 15th each year. This is the day that we honor the "falling asleep" or Kimisis (KEE-mee-sees) of the Theotokos, or Mother of God.

The feast day happens to coincide with the period of time that most Greeks break for Summer holiday. There is a great exodus from the city as people depart Athens and head to their family villages and island homes.

If you happen to be named Mary, Maria, Marie, Panagiota, Panagiotis, Despina, or any other name derived from the Virgin Mary, then the 15th of August is your feast day.

The greeting for someone celebrating his or her patron saint's day is, "Hronia Polla" which translates to a wish for "many years." After church services, friends and family will travel from home to home to greet the name day celebrants and to offer their wishes in person.

In return, the celebrant is expected to put out a spread for their guests in the typical Greek style of entertaining which means tons of food and sweets. Having fasted for the two weeks prior, it's time to feast.

In a traditional Greek home, the Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes is a customary offering for holidays and gatherings.

This is my simple recipe for Roast Leg of Lamb with Potatoes which I offer with many good wishes for Hronia Polla to all those that celebrate.

Artichoke Pie with Leek - Aginaropita

Monday July 25, 2011

This recipe for Artichoke Pie or Pita is a traditional favorite of the beautiful island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea.

Tender baby artichokes are combined with green onions, leek, and a combination of Greek cheeses then layered with flaky phyllo pastry and baked until crisp and golden brown.

You can make a full pan of the pita or use the filling to make individual finger-friendly phyllo triangles. Enjoy this recipe on its own as a light meal or pair it with an entrée as a side dish.

If artichokes are out of season or not readily available, you can easily substitute frozen or canned artichokes in the recipe.

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Pasta Salad with Greek Yogurt Dressing

Wednesday July 20, 2011
Pasta Salad

Here's a quick and easy recipe for a delicious pasta salad that will perk up your next party or gathering. The secret is in the tangy Greek yogurt dressing.

The recipe makes enough pasta salad for a crowd, so feel free to cut in half if you have a smaller group.

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Spanakopita Tart with Bacon and Mushrooms

Friday July 15, 2011
Spanakopita Tart

Every now and again I like to take a traditional recipe and change it up a bit. What can I say, that's my idea of entertainment!

This recipe was inspired by a spinach salad that I love that has crumbles of crisp, smoky, bacon. It's much like a traditional Spanakopita except I've added bacon and mushrooms to the mixture.

This recipe for Spanakopita Tart with Bacon and Mushrooms is a little decadent, but then again we need to indulge every now and then, don't we?

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Monday July 11, 2011

This dish is so good, but quite the tongue twister to pronounce!

Yiaourtlou (yah-oor-TLOO) is a recipe that combines savory beef kebabs with a zesty tomato sauce that is tempered by a cool and tangy yogurt sauce.

I first had this dish in Athens and have been a dedicated fan ever since. I think you will agree that this one is a keeper!

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